New ClanBase ET Ladder (11154 Views)

written by pl Rhand. on 13.07.07 23:18


2o2??? Nice idea... :)
Nice idea but maps such as "sw_goldrush_te" , "et_ice" are too big ;o ClanBase finally follows ESL with a 2v2 Ladder
cb rules sucks imo
gl anyway =)
ice is too big imo :)

btw config cb3 or which one should be used?
3v3 CB cfg for now.
Side on frostbite and b4 allowed ?
ice is too big? and goldrush is fine or what? lol
yep goldrush sux
yes goldrush is okay

you know, the only thing that sucks is that you can recapture flag on ice :/
frost is way better cause you need to do little more to "recapture" - take covertops, what in 3on3/2on2 can cost you a map cause you weaken your team with that
2on2...Kinda weird imo. Axis still got 30 sec spawn and allies 20?
Very nice and thx to trixOr for making that poll :>

ps: Goldrush should be removed from the maplist
Big maps in 2o2? :o.
and 2o2 ladder but no config. :P
cb sucks