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One of the main features you gain from registering an account on GamesTV.org is that all times can be shown in your local time zone.
You can either select the correct timezone yourself through My Settings > Timezone or let GamesTV.org set the correct timezone based on the settings of your Operating System. Normally we try to set your timezone with the Automatically detect the correct timezone box checked automatically. In almost any case you don't have to do anything at all and we'll set your timezone correctly for you - of course you can always override it manually and set it to whatever you want.
This setting actually "converts" the whole page to your timezone which means: When requesting coverage for matches or using any other time input you can simply enter your local time and we'll convert it for anybody else.

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Valkyrie pt vs eu cat in a hat
16.04 21:30 (started 25m ago)
#erAse.et Runo<3 eu vs fr Pharaons
16.04 21:30 (started 36m ago)

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