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EDG Edward Gaming Samsung Galaxy White SG White
lol Season 4 World Championship
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DP Dark Passage ahq e-Sports Club ahq
lol Season 4 World Championship
Today, 13:00 CEST
TPA Taipei Assasins Star Horn Royal Club SH RC
lol Season 4 World Championship
Today, 14:00 CEST

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Hodor eu vs nl Effectus
16.09 21:15 (started 2m ago)
'xD Trickjump, eu vs us Automatic
» anaconda.gamestv.org:18028
17.09 23:45 (started 23m ago)
Vicious and Evil eu vs eu Epsilon
» anaconda.gamestv.org:18041
13.12.08 14:00 (started 49m ago)

eSports Scene News

ESH - One Night Wonders Preseason CA 2v2
Date for this event is set for Saturday 14:00 BST, 20 September 2014, so all teams should make sure to signup for cup as soon as possible. ... » read more
Rovfuld - A Quake Live Duel Movie
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Rating: 7.9 (94 votes) Edited by sharpe. A Quakelive movie featuring KillaloT, GEKKO, sothis and T1E. ... » read more
Urban Terror 4.2.019 released
Changelog• New gametype - Freeze Tag (#10) - new CVARs g_thawTime and g_meltdownTime - new log lines • New map ut4_prominence • New map ... » read more
Newborn Interview (Reflex)
Read The Interview Hey newborn! How are things going? Good! We're all a bit sleep deprived but we're really excited about how the game ... » read more
Cup informationSchedule: -21st September -28th September -5th October signup 14:00cest, start 15:30cest 5 Map Pool: -Sinister ... » read more

CyberGamer EU ET Season 2

written by us ohurcool on 31.08 17:06

TEAM-PHASE eSports Cup #1

written by be ChilAx. on 31.08 00:03

[LoL] Double Dutch Dragons 5on5 ODC [07-09]

written by nl timbolina on 24.08 09:52

DRGN LoL 5on5 ODC [27-07]

written by nl timbolina on 18.07 09:44