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eSports Scene News

Fraze, Cam and Python off to Qcon 16
Hello everyone, as some of you may or may not already know Oceania have three quake live players heading over to Quakecon 2016 this year in ... » read more
Diabotical Kickstarter Launching Sunday
The event will be streamed live on www.twitch.tv/thegdstudio . Source : ... » read more
Reflex 2v2 TDM Mapping Competition
We're running a 2v2 TDM mapping competition! We're looking for the best 2v2 map which will then receive a full art pass and become the next ... » read more
125 FPS Sunday Cup#47 (Season#31)
Scheduled: 17:00 CEST, 31 July 2016 to 21:00 CEST, 31 July 2016Begins In: The 125 FPS QuakeLive Duel Sunday Cup #47, as a part of Duel ... » read more
QuakeCon 2016 Power Rank
SuddendeathTV's Andeh posted a great write-up of the Teams that signed up for QuakeCon 2016 QW 2on2 Tournament! Will Rikoll- Milton ... » read more

Pray4Paris 3on3 ODC #P4P

written by nl timbolina on 18.11.15 10:14

ET: Legacy 2.74 released

written by de kemon on 22.08.15 13:49

CyberGamer EU ET Season 3

written by us ohurcool on 01.03.15 16:52

One Way 2v2 ODC #2

written by hu cONY on 12.01.15 18:14