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30 seconds to MARS eu vs eu PoKeMaNs
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eSports Scene News

Overwatch TakeOver & Agents Rising LANs
TakeOver Information/Teams/StreamTakeOver has four teams remaining in the tournament. Creation Esports featuring players LiNkz and ... » read more
Reflex CTF Draft Cup
Promo Map PoolCamper Crossings, Monolith, Spider Crossings. TeamsWhat Would Pill Do? - Pill, Promeus, Maltek, Jukebox. Ion Cannon (IC) ... » read more
Thunderdome 6 WB: Even titanier!
Infomaps: dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3, bravado5b Brackets Thunderdome StreamRikoll ResultsRikoll 3 : NPH 0 dm4 31 : -1 ... » read more
Overwatch Alienware Cup
It's been a while since I posted here, and I'm sure the reception to Overwatch content may be lukewarm at best, but with the games release ... » read more
When: 28 May 13:30 CEST The cup will be played using a 7 maps pool: - Deep Inside, Dreadful Place, Grim Dungeons, HiddenFortress, Limbus, ... » read more

Pray4Paris 3on3 ODC #P4P

written by nl timbolina on 18.11.15 10:14

ET: Legacy 2.74 released

written by de kemon on 22.08.15 13:49

CyberGamer EU ET Season 3

written by us ohurcool on 01.03.15 16:52

One Way 2v2 ODC #2

written by hu cONY on 12.01.15 18:14