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FACEIT - Weekly Cup Info - April 21-27
We are currently still running free Cups for TDM/CA 2v2 nightly. This weeks FACEIT Fun Cup is going old school, with some popular maps from ... » read more
ESH Spring Cup 2014: First week
First round of matches are upon us. Keep in mind that all matches can be rescheduled between teams if needed, but admins must be informed ... » read more
Zowie Gear announces COOLLER mousepad
From Zowie's Facebook Page: The Cooller Edition of G-CM has arrived to our Russian distributor, Grafitec. It will be available in Russian ... » read more
ESH Spring Cup 2014: Schedule and start
Cup start next week at Monday 21 April 2014. Designated match days for TDM, CTF and CA are Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday at 20:00 BST ... » read more
Arena Masters Spring 2014
Estimated dates Start of the leagues: Tuesday 22th of April ClanArena = Tuesday 21 CET ICTF = Thursday 21 CET ... » read more

ESL Enemy Territory Revival Cup

written by nl timbolina on 16.04 22:07

2 years gentleMen eSports

written by nl timbolina on 05.04 11:27

(Re-)Introducing the 2on2 Ladder

written by us ohurcool on 18.03 04:56

CG EU ET Season 1: Scheduling Matches

written by us ohurcool on 10.03 05:28