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HoQ CTF League
House of Quake will hold a Capture the Flag League starting in early May. This is a new edition of a well-established competitive game mode ... » read more
My 2nd PQL frag movie
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Rating: 8.5 (5 votes) Don't take your girl to the cinema, better save money and check the tape: ... » read more
Prague Lan 2024 powered by Surfshark
Date: 22.-24.3.2024 Location: Prague, Czechia Gamemode: 5v5 CTF & Duel Format: CTF is Groupstage BO1, top4 BO3 single elimination ... » read more
Reflections with vengeuR: Almost Lost Dad Before WC Final!
vengeuR discusses his ability to beat rapha, his strange friendship with RAISY who he doesn't practice with, what makes k1llsen's style ... » read more
'Reflections' with RAISY part 1: rapha Has an Aura
RAISY discusses his early days competing in CS:GO, breaking onto the Quake scene with wins at Dreamhack Denver and the Italian Open 2018, ... » read more

ET Anniversary LAN

written by nl Sebhes on 06.02.23 22:06

PREVIEW ET LAN: 20th Anniversary

written by nl Sebhes on 17.10.22 21:11

New ETL server

written by gb brAhi on 23.05.22 13:53

ET: Legacy 3on3 Ladder

written by nl zenix on 21.03.22 18:30