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Today, 19:45 CEST
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Today, 21:00 CEST
nN Ninety-Nine Problems No Pressure nP
rtcw RTCW.live
Today, 21:00 CEST

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The Frags Quake Live 1v1 Tournament
Anyone is free to participate or stream the cup, no restrictions. Contact cooke#9864 in Discord to ask any questions or make any ... » read more
Beginners Cup #12
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Murkulation Duel Cup
TIME: 10th of October, 16:00 CET/17:00 MSK SIGNUPS: NOW - 10/10 15:30 https://challonge.com/murkcup CHECKIN: 10/10 14:30-15:30 Games ... » read more
Quake 4 launcher v1.0 & new duel map
- A game launcher and configurator released in version 1.0 - A fast and movement-optimized map designed by professional mapper Kryw ... » read more
RTCW Final Standings - QuakeCon @ Home 2021
Hello everyone, The QuakeCon @ Home 2021 is now over for several days. It's time to comeback on the event with some final ... » read more

2021 ET Spring Cup end

written by pl m4kintosz on 05.07 20:36

2021 ET Spring Cup announcement

written by pl m4kintosz on 10.03 14:04

#mAlibu.et 6on6 OneDayCup

written by nl kAPOTNL on 31.05.17 22:11

Krefeld Battleground up and running

written by de chosen_ on 19.05.17 12:41