About Us

What are you up to?

We specialise in automating coverage for games that have a native ingame TV software (like ET as a primary example). While currently we "only" offer full automation for Enemy Territory and Urban Terror, we're fully prepared to take on some more games.
With our automated coverage system we can broadcast a large number of matches simultaneously without having any server admin do the dirty job of server management. The system constantly monitors live matches and puts additional tv servers on matches where viewer slots are running short.
Additionally we have a sophisticated demo recording system to not only deliver matches live but also make them availbable for viewing on demand for everybody and any time.

Where'd ya come from?

GamesTV.org originated from a small community-based coverage site titled ETTV.ORG. The site served as an almost priceless addition to any ET player's favourite links and became a frequent location for top coverages for various ClanBase EuroCups, NationsCups and even multiple 1000+ spectator Atlantic Battles. With the view of making ETTV.ORG more than just coverage for Enemy Territory, GamesTV.org was born. With our first step into the mass-media market being Call of Duty, we now strive to expand until someone stops us!

How do I link to you?

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Who makes it work?

The site plus various matches and links you see to other community sites are run entirely by a group of dedicated volunteers. While they do like to complain about it, GAMESTV.ORG staff get paid nothing for their services to multiple communitees.

Who do I contact?

For most enquiries, please use our ticket system. This includes requests for information about specific games or becoming a broadcaster with GamesTV.org.


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Administrative Contact:

  • Hendrik "arni" Helmvoigt
    arni at gamestv dot org
    +49 6151 3537410
  • Oliver Skowronek
    oliver dot skowronek at gmail dot com
  • h3ll
    h3ll at gamestv dot org