Team-Visual vs Friends in Force (3018 views)

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ET United LAN
LB - Round 4

#ET:U - Play offs - Facebook
01.11.15 22:45 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET United LAN - 6on6 Seeding Tournament
Manager: Sebhes (Highadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 3750
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 6


Sebhes allowed to play with them and we are dissalowed to play with any lan-playing mercs?

Shit is real.
hybra and seb are bot lowskilled so its okay
Well, we had some hard time finding mercs for our game the other night and sebhes told us players who are playing at lan are dissalowed so we couldnt use Aquila.

double standards anyone?
Sometimes you have to break the rules as a admin.
sometimes you have to get 18 to be capable of holding rights
pls kApot explain
sebhes bendin the rules in his favour isnt anything new
Sounds like this Sebhes needs some kletsen at lan.
1 week ban for sebhes he didn't follow the rules
Atleast he is doing his best to keep ET alive though.. :)
That doesnt give him the right to disrespect his own rules. I couldn't agree more to Snatix
Wat was er aan de hand dan? Ik was niet op de hoogte tot nu
Mooi gezegd man !
tijd om admin te worden
True. Can confirm. Wij mochten ook aq niet gebruiken.
Edit: Not to confuse, it was timbo that told me this, and not sebhes
Ja ik probeer het niet goed te praten dat echt niet hoor.
Ik had ook al een beetje gedoe met de match : be LowLandLions vs eu mAlibu dat we het overnieuw moesten spelen ondanks we al gewonnen hadden.
Ik had toen 5-6 uur van te voren gezegd dat ik met een merc ging spelen en werd er niks gezegd of zelfs wel confirmed.

Daarom zie je ons ( eu mAlibu = nl kApot , nl Efax en nl mAxwell ) ook niet in de Seeding tournament meer. Ik was er op dat moment een beetje zat van dus besloot ermee te stoppen :)

Maarja met alle respect hij probeert ET wel op zijn hoogst te houden :)
Sebhes everyone is waiting your answer.
I have spoken to the ppl of interest. Like I stated before, most claims here are false. If people want to talk to me in person, I'm always open for that. Usually I avoid responding in public, because I don't bother about people who don't take the effort contacting me.
Because you're a fake cunt, right?
za duzo szwabskiego. ratuje temat : Jebac niemcow
Off topic: can everyone fuck off under the visual games already:{