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cl Chrilithee
SERVER ETTV + TZAC on 06.09.12 17:24

I need to know how to install on a server ETTV 1.0 linux-i386 Aug 15 2006 and Tzac anticheat.

If you know someone so kind and some Spanish English to send me a private message: D

si Kwiz
I guess its for match server since you want to run tzac on it.

download ETTV Public beta 13 (
- unzip
- upload ettv.x86 on server
- instead of etded you run ettv.x86 on server (change in command line)

download tzac server addon v018 (
- unzip
- upload in /etpro/ directory (replace file)

start server

Good luck

p.s. if version of your server is ETTV 1.0 linux-i386 Aug 15 2006 then you did install ettv
if ac_listplayers is working then you also installed TZAC server addon correctly
cl Chrilithee
tnx regards :D

nl h3ll
06.09.12 20:21, Last edited: 06.09.12 22:08
@ Kwiz nice spending time on writing a decent reply, but I guess you didn't know about the faq? :D
I wouldn't use the Aug 15 version anymore though, there's a wwwdl bug in it plus on some combinations (OS, possibly hardware etc) it makes the server go 999, the newest version with wwwdl bug fix is also on that faq page

@ Chrilithee; don't forget to set your password and max slaves in your server.cfg, exact cvars are also on the link i posted
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