upgrades its services (15165 Views)

written by de skooli on 24.01.10 14:59


Great job, thanks to everyone involved, especially arni and skooli!!
Yep I agree, great job guys
hooorah ! :D
22nd century. great job guys!
GamesTV system is soo cool! I wonder if it would make sense to have some kind of a TV-API, support for which could be included into new games, to make casting like this available by default.
would be awesome to have ingame tv support for all major games, unfortunately the studios dont see that :(
"We're confident that we will be able to cast every match added on, though the automated system will only add servers a couple of hours before the match. So even if it looks like nobody is casting - there is, just wait and see."

won't this have a big influence on the size of the betting pot? :<
what has the betting pot to do with anything?
since ETTV servers are only added a few hours before the start, matches will only become visible just some time before the matchtime in the shedule, so there are less people who will bet on this matches because they aren't visible in the shedule for a long time? =)
As soon as the status is changed from 'Requested' to 'Open' the matches are being listed in the schedule, no matter if a server is already added or not.

is that something new? :p

so where is the difference between pending broadcasts and upcoming broadcasts then? (only non open matches are shown in pending broadcasts?)
yup, thats correct - was changed that way.
Awesome, thanks for the work!
Sounds awesome, can't wait to try this all out! Thank you for all the hard work you guys put into this. :)
this is really nice :)
After some trials, I should say that GTVd is really promising.

Great job done here !
Awesome, gj
Great development! Thanks to the whole crew!

I'd like to take the oppurtunity and ask it: is there any possibility to watch old school matches of junk52'mico ever again? =)
All the old matches which are currently not available will not become available in the future because those tv files are lost (unless you find another source for them, then we could add them.)
Keep up the good work :)
Still need stats!!!!!!!!!! Acc and hs
love the .ff command
How can i add a server to my GTVD-Servers folder?
already done.My server is still shown as online on my Profile but no port :/
ETTV On Demand. is this function not working today? i have requested a match then gave it a few minutes (normally takes seconds) for the bar to load up and then i see the IP to connect to but nothing is happening, bar just a loads a little way, then after a minute or so i refresh and get this message ''This match is available for viewing on demand but you already requested a match in the recent past. You have to wait 8m 24s before you can request a new match.''

Hope this is the correct place to post this :)
i guess its just a some kind of bug, should work later normally