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written by gb Angrykid on 01.08.06 16:27


Thats still on the todo list after you asked me last time :)
and i will keep asking you till you made it
nice idea!
whats with de arni's idea that we can decided where we have our boxes like "recent matches" or "recent comments"?
For the moment thats on hold for a new version.
hey swine how/where did you get such a nice designed desktop??
answer please

whats this war? not closed or smting, and qcon 2006 logo

Your bet: 350 on pblm Possible Win: 438 (+88 )
Just testing code. Its moved back to cancelled now.
See my newspost: when using the [ bq ] tag and the closing [/bq] is in the "read more" section (so the blockquote isn't shown entirely on the news frontpage), the blockquote doesn't get displayed on the frontpage.

It does display correctly when you click on "read more".
The font throughout the site is very small (using the latest Firefox release on MacOS), hardly readable.
Edit : one other thing, is there a Blog/News archive like the wars archive ?
An archive is coded for the new version for all input (news, blogs, wars etc)

A default font and fontsize will be assigned to all non Windows based browsers too which should fix the small size of your font.
That's because the website is using Tahoma that's not in MacOS X, Linux and I think something like all non-Windows OS.
I proposed as a replacment of this one : "Bitstream Charter", that's a common font on nearly all Unix based system, however it's smaller than the Tahoma font and indeed a bit hard to read, if someone using MacOS or Linux has a better idea, please give the name of the font.

(The old font used by the Unix based system instead of Tahoma worked great with www.gamestv.org but not with some other things we are currently doing, that's why we changed it to another.)
hit control and scroll the mouse button - if using firefox
dont delete matches from the shedlue after 1 week try to make smth like calendar where ppl could switch months to see older matches (i know theres smth like wars but its hard to find anything there)

bug? the right column is wider because of a long comment?

cancelled match + firefox works great now thx guys <3
Yeah the width is a long comment pusher.

The calendar will show all matches and will have a month skipper to make finding older wars easier.
either change the php comment cropping to letters instead of words or just add a style overflow:hidden to it.

when it's an CB match, maybe add the matchreportlink after the match
We'll add that for the upcoming OC season and perhaps the current 5v5 and 6v6 summer cups. Thanks.
How about adding the CB CID to the clan info so we can switch to the clan's CB page easily?
I would still like to see a small icon/pic of a microphone or headset when a match has shoutcasters. In the broadcast menu on the topright of the website I mean.

Greetz Bara & keep up the good work
It will be done. Thanks.
Make the different containertitles black to give a better overview.

What i mean:
Now it's white/gray on white/gray... Try white on Darkgray/black
Change the css file --> class="tableheadermenu_1" so we can see something like a black/darkgrey gradiënt bar with the title in a white/lightgray font. For example on: http://www.kreaturen-gaming.com/
So titles like: News headlines, user blogs, head sponsor, ... should have darker background & white/lightgray font

It gives the site a better look because it's more eye candy for the visitor. Now it's a bit boring...

But GTV, it's just my opinion! Apart from that, this site is great! Nice work GTV crew & coders
The next GTV version has a new layout planned which hopefully will be eye candy mixed with the simplicity of the current site.
new layout looks promissing, i saw early version :D
since there are always loads of comments and since my compu is very slow and my inet also... could there be something like an expansion bar or something (dont know how to call it). something like the "read more" button for the news, only then for the comments.
That's used a lot on other sites because people dont really care to load 100 comments before they can even see the news. We'll definitley add this up.


user private messaging (not really necessary but it can be handy - just like xfire.be)
better RSS feeds (they're all very confusing atm imo)

with the private messaging system enabled, maybe you could add "warnings" where users could subscribe to the games of their favorite clans/cups and get warnings on their inbox.

maybe a "match of the day" or "match of the week" box, just like the "current top player" from gbooky. :D

ohhhhhhhhh and a demos download archive like cached.net! that would be awsome :$

<3 gtv
- Very much like the PM idea and others have sent it before.

- RSS feeds will be totally rewritten in the new version to keep them up to date. I agree - they're a right mess atm.

- Demo FTP already planned - keep your eyes peeled :D

*\o/* demos FTP *\o/* /me dances :D
A PM system would be nice. :)
[im using firefox]

how can i connect the et:// protocoll with et.exe?
when i try to connect trough gamestv.org, firefox dont knows how to open et://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.xxxxx, cause the browser dont know the programm to open the file/adresse with.

can someone pls help me
et:// is for a specific plugin (I think) for Internet Explorer.

Just clicking the link wont do anything unless you have a game browser such as All Seeing Eye installed - in which case you'd need to select ASE links instead of et://
download this program:
<3 this is exactly what i was looking for, thx!

would be great, if someone could make an extension for firefox out of it
Hoi dunno if its been asked already cuz im too tired to read it all but euhm :

might be handy for ignorant people to add a tooltip to the flags : when u hover a flag u get to see Belgium ( if u hover the be flag ofcourse ) know what i mean ? :)
i guess he means this little yellow box which appeares when u hover an image
thats what i mean yea :D
I would love to be able to download the ETTV demo`s after matches.
you cant watch ettv demos on a hosted server, just join an ettv replayserver
well the replays are all random, if I could vote for a replay that would rock.

But I can watch ETTV demos on my own ETTV server.
maybe you could add a box with a list in it with all replayservers
nice idea server list + replay currenly playing

I also agree with a replay database, would be very cool.

And a serverviewer that shows the replays that are played at that moment is also a good idea.

Btw: I am back from holidays :-).


Ettv on demand !!! gogo arnili revive it! :D
i thought about it also
my time schedule is fucked up
do have the right timezone in my account
Bigger font pls, Page is too crowded to use scaling :F
hmm... I got my account for blogs, news etc all on the max, but I keep seeing only 5 blogs and only 7 news thingies. and only 5 comments, which is also on the max... Anybody experiencing the same problem? :O Or is mozilla firefox screwing it up?

edit: the wars are correct...
That'll be fixed. Thanks.
didnt read everything, maybe its already mentioned:
on latest matches all games are listed. there should be only matches of the games i have activated on profile
Will stick that on the todo list. Cheers.
u guys sure have a lot of work..
just want to say thanks lol
i see matches for yesterday in "upcomming matches box"

EDIT: Its ok now.
if clanleaders would be able to add their lineups it would be much better
so there will be less surprises when im gonna bet :c
Some clan leader functions on the way too. Thanks.
Request: make the filter you set for games to be shown in matches also work for GBooky & the Recent Matches box. Now I filter out all games but ET but all the games still show up in My Gbooky and in the Recent Matches.

Make people able to rate games they've watched. So if they saw a good game, people whodidnt get to see then look on the last few games and see thier ratings, high ratings = good matches etc.

Then you dont have to waste time finding a server with a replay only to find it was a bad match.

Also maybe a thing to see what ettv servers are showing what replays, instead of people having to add all the ip's to All Seeing Eye/ Qtracker etc.
Will stick that alongside replay server implementation. <3
ok crazy idea (taken from another idea i said on earlier comments):

currently the match of the week is poll right? what about giving users the power to decide THE match of the week? instead of a poll there could be links in the war pages where users could check a flag like "this is the game of the week for me" or something like that and, instead of the poll box, we could have the game of the week most "voted" by the users on top of the list (on top of the "Upcoming broadcasts" box).

just a small, 1 line box, featuring the game (et, cs, bf, etc), the teams and the number of users that voted. clicking on this line/box would lead you to the match page but with added info like the teams webpages/irc channels and/or just a small "match of the week" banner, reminding users that the match page that they're visiting atm IS the match of the week.

why do i think this would be cool? 2 reasons (at least): would give more attention to the teams playing (that's always cool both for the teams as for us - the spectators) and maybe the different communitys (bf, cs, et, etc), would "battle" between them to get their game selected as "the match of the week".

it's fairly easy to implement this. if you wanted :)

just an idea, continue the good job, this site (and the GIANT platform behind it) are getting better and better.

Very much like that mate. On the to-do list. Thanks.
I got a very annoying bug atm. I bet money on games which moved to the "unscheduled games" now. I cant remove my money ( which i'd like to spend on other games) because it says that the game has already started.

p.e. http://www.gamestv.org/war.php?wid=1026
or http://www.gamestv.org/war.php?wid=1028

thx in advance
its known and on the todo list, we will fix that asap since its very annoying
fixed now, you can drop your bets from unscheduled matches again!
GMT +10 is 1 hour ahead. Been happening since Quakecon was on (and probably before)

I'm posting this @ 4:13PM and the sight says its 5:13PM
its due to people coding the time system ignoring that english time is not gmt all year (but only half)

might be done proper in gtv2
A 'Change/New e-mail' option would be nice...
So gtv staff... any comments on my suggestion?
i would like to see that links in newsposts open in a new window (e.g. _blank).
I would like to see the .png for a match that's finished say the result instead of "finished". It makes looking at past links more fun :).
yes we will change it.
two people logged into one account can cause this
A decent past match archive system, instead of matches being a real mission to solve once they drop off the "recent matches" table.
will be there in gtv2 :)
Make the Gbooky rankings based on Total Capital
no, that makes it impossible to to compare a user betting for one year with masses of money with a new guy betting for 2 months.

With the present ranking you also cant relax on the first rank without doing anything - you could easily if it would be sorted by capital.
i cannot change my flag, already posted it a long time ago but noone gives a fuck!
sync ettv and shoutcasts: http://www.gamestv.org/blog.php?id=146