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written by de ZeroJoker on 17.06.07 23:21


He also kept calling the game boring :|
If anyone has a mp3 file of it, please send it, I really want to have some fun.

But its obvious that these shoutcasters should not get a 2nd change.
QuoteAbout 2 month ago i read a post of an admin announcing that is not accepting any more SC Radios that havnt got any experience.

link to that, please!
thanks! :)
np du geiler matrose! :P

Hmm? I can't find a mistake... :P
Quote_ng Sunday, 11th February 2007 18:40 Reply
give me a dance...

pro comment, you see?
That's more something that kiss would say. :P
We need mp3's!!!!
hrhrhr =)
i guess all what they need is some more practice on casting et games. maybe they should listen first to some tosspot or mashed casts. :)
Let them cast cwg games! Seems like a fair match!

ET IS NOT LIFE, YOU KNOW, atleast their doing it
Zerojoker was a shoutcaster, and is serverless atm, i heard him and his level was just slightly higher then what i heard yesterday. Actually much higher.

slightly higher^^. Nice one xeon.

Not really wanting to SC in public atm.
For friends for sure but not really in the mood of doing it public. Time also plays a big role^^.

But thanks anyway.

We need Zero Shoutcasting! New TosspoT on his way :D

haha, for 5€ entry fee.

The hell with that! All the others do it for free! :P
ppl asked us to speak english but we are not HIGH skilled in english. I also can shoutcast in estonian with out no problem... We need more practice and i hope you understand.
Thank you!

Greets: Illar.
Illar: I also can shoutcast in estonian with out no problem...

So you mean it will be a problem? :)
haha niet zo bijdehand doen jij he :P
(grtz stinkerd :P )

it was not about the language, it was about the style^^.

Just read my blug again.

Please reduce your audio quality to 48-56 kbps. I listened to it and every 2 seconds it was reloading. Also, you were almost sleeping while shoutcasting.
Practice on some old games, like sae vs ins!.
I think its better to practice on old games idd, on replays but please people don't want to hear this stuff live, go ask on comedy central then :P
I only listen to TosspoT <3
<3 Tosspot :D
whahhahahahahahhahhhahaahhahahaha :D
tosspot ftw
Lol! That's pretty sucky... Need link to the already famous shoutcast :P (btw what match did they cast?)
musik :D
What's the problem of casting from Winamp? It's very easy and comfortable.
need finnish shoutcasteers