no Teamplay vs noble (3084 views)

ALL bets cancelled since teams were changed in the last seconds!
05.11.06 14:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: #1day-cup
Manager: eicher (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced

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mvk ftw
gl noT
mvk :)
omfg Noble? wasn't it mvk? :| I want my money back
gg changing mvk to noble in last mom...
they do a rematch first
nice trick omg ...
omg re-bet?
fag fo
fu omfg
rofl gg
nobLe ftw
wtf nobLe now :D
:) rematch - won
mvk will play the winner of this match.
ALL bets cancelled since teams were changed in the last seconds!
tnx 4 that :)
so give this gbooky cash back... :[
half of my money dissappeard :<
noT ur nab losers
and we can see that noble are nab winners
dl the demo in powelchecks comment and everyone can say u that we bet u
su you lost and ur nab
<3 to u all

I'm gonna explain this to tha ppl here...:)
We attacked and the tank couldn't be repaired for 2 mins and 45 seconds.
The they attacked and won the map with 2 mins and 43 seconds left. Conclusion we won. But we where not that lame to do it that way so they only option for us was to do a rematch. We came, killed and won roffol!

PS: Demos can be found here. Make ur own conclusion. Thx <3
u see the tank bug was: 9:47 -8:10 | so only 1:37 min
so we won
gg whiners
wrm krijg ik men geld niet terug kanker