Team-YoYoTech vs nkNn (8603 views)

gb R0SS
mt Toxic
fi twidi
pl wiaderko
nl M1lk
be illumise
be chizz6l
nl loazis
be crook
be Yuno
First Match of Group E
04.02.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CIEC Seeding Tournament
Manager: m1st3r (Generaladmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 67998
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 86


R0SS will backstab everyone for nkNn
that would be wise tbh, loazis will roll these YYT bois
I'm starting to like you
i always liked you
I thought you disliked me because you thought that I disliked you, which I didn't really, I just thought you had the most retarded nickname ever.
Edd0 l1kes u, u cant be that bad

at least wiaderko won't teamkill me all the time.
gl loazis :PPPP
twidi - swe ?
gl YYT ;-)
failure upon loazis :D <3
gl ross toxic loazis
ez nkNn
bad luck yyt
thats not nais Frauweuh xD
like ross and toxic are nice ...
but I thought u where naaaiiis :p ?
wtf ;ppppppppppp !
Take care about ROSS knife ! HF !
watch out for backstab!
If R0SS is playing with his knife, YYT would have a chance to win.
GL nkNn
we won't play sunday sorry :)
who's Ross ?
Milk maak me trots :(
gl belgians, don't get stabbed! rol ze lowa :D
all i see is ross has snuck his way in to generation! :D<3 gl lads
thanks, really means a lot to me
GOOD LUCK LOAZIS<333333333333333
gl nkNn !
gl loazis bestest 3o3 player ever
gl YYT ;-)
gl YYT ;-)
gl worm & jere ;-)
gl wiaderko & toxic ;D
gl loazis du geile sau du!
gl loazis du geile sau du!
izi for crook, hes awesome!
gl chizz6l <3
aiii spannend
Go get 'em loazis!
gl nkNn!
nkNn will roll altho loazis is kanker low
nGAYnn should take this :)
Can somebody give me link to match where ROSS kill TK knife? thx :D
laat maar zien milkie :>
First game in weeks for us. I was recovering from surgery last 2 weeks and others had exams. So yyt should take this easily, gl.
You have € 100 on eu nkNn Cancel bet
Possible win: € 2415

twidi, m1lk

fuck rest !
yey, gl loazis :)
hope R0SS gets his knife kill :P
at least wiaderko got
we lost :(
unlock money pls !!