FLIPMONKEYz vs randomZ (4248 views)

pl Aima
nl froSt
es CiD
de meNtal
de Kevji
de Eriiic
de kutSch
19.03.10 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: #ximenia Cup
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: m9veZ (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 2957
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
By: m9veZ (ettvd)
fr #eNergiz TV I
By: kURS (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 34


izi 4 randomZ
sure, ill knife mental spec me :D
IZI FOR froSt<3333333333333333333

Good luck
Gl both :)
gl randomZ
GL foSt !!

oh wait..
gl dooppi
GL DOOPPI and Aima ; ***
izi for cid my beautiful sexy bitch!!!!!!!!
gl doopi :D
dooppiiiiiiii <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
haha pathetic
Aima killed ???ZOR
pHAZOR: hahaha >D never heard about you

How long do you play ET ?
2 years max
everybody whine about aima. he puts alot of hs and thats all. randomz and energiz whine about him coz they got owned? IF he really hax why u didnt busted him already?

:DDDDDDD we are whining cuz he is shooting online an acc of 50 and offline he is low like shit
his acc was 43. Did you played against him offline ??
who told u that he is low like shit offline u silly german, if u think hes cheating, make avi then u impaired german who cant live with fact that someone is just better
"randomZ" we're mixed
oh stfu, i played with him today random 5on5 mix and i didnt see anything obvious when i was specting him, just good accuracy and a bit unhitable
why are you replying to me
why are u talking bullshit
he asked how long de plays ET for and i said 2 years, wtf does it have to do with aima?
my mistake, i didnt want to reply to u
izi for my boy kevji <33
<3 sry no chance against mr aima :D
i know, played vs him too :p
gl ciid!!!
QEXKI Spotted!!
You have € 13 on eu FMS
Possible win: € 32.5

You have € 250 on randomZ
Possible win: € 417.5
GG randomZ
very fun game, :D just mixed so gl.
You have € 69 on eu randomZ
Possible win: € 115.23

izi money
everyday i lose all my money

haha eric low haha

haha kutsch low haha

haha mental low haha

haha randomz low hahah
you whiner hahah
haha spiel du ma gegen aima und die bande der cheater haha

warum flames du andere wenn du selber schlechter bis ?
was laberst du von cheater du bist der größte "SKILLBOOST FREAK"

du merkst gar nicht das du dich selber zum affen machst oder?
So arg am cheaten ist Aima aber nicht ;S
dann hätteste ma das 3o3 sehen sollen das wir gestern gegen den gespielt haben, 50+ acc stable und nur headshots und dann kommt noch dazu das er nicht auf lan war
also im 3on3 letztens war er ziemlich beschissen muss ich sagen :D
+1, sogar ich hab schon gegen ihn gewonnen : p
eher nicht so, nein : p
fresse lowie
so many cheaters in one gtv match l0l
can only see 1 :o)
i see atleast 3 busted cheaters, + a few obvious ones.
who is obvious? oO
aima (also busted i guess)
ye he is pretty obvious but u were talking about a few, so who are the others? :D
4:2 randomZ
wp ;)
qexki fanboy :D
qexki retard spotted!
XD les whiners
Hey xkl au faite sj'suis clean, @LAN, CB, ESL & crossfire rages pas !
Alors tu es bien le seul à y croire. Si t'es clean alors mrkz, hvi, smox, novjeh le sont aussi. De toute façon un jour ou l'autre tu te fera spotted et on rigolera bien. RitZ qui pm du med+ =D laisse moi joke =)