Edified vs ownAge (2920 views)

nl sENSA
nl Tempie
nl Retro
de mAurice
de predi
lt Lenkas
pl Kuna
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01.09.10 18:45 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Int. 5on5 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: sensa (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 1753
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de #Team'dtcn ~ ETTV
By: sensa (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 35


have fun playing vs cheaters, score will be:

ownage 4 - 2 Edified

2/3 polaks will cheat on slac.
same will tempie
tropic wat ben jij een kanker kindje zeg
zeg tegen charge dat hij je neus niet moet dichtknijpen tijdens vent

je klinkt zo raar
HAHAHA zeg tegen charge maar dat ie ze ballen uit zun maag moet halen helium stem :>
en jij ga gwn trug naar turkije vervuiler :>
Nassim hou het maar bij 24/7 matches speccen van je grote held.
ESL Int. 5on5 Ladder

no SLAC here mister; D
but they gonna play with
they want to show us something ^^
naaah ESL Admin(FoaMeA ofc) will connect and check their guid(ofc few of them can't play and they added guid yesterday so 24h rule will be used there). Next penalty points for ownage;P He did it yesterday to this team vs bacardi gaming
bedziesz nam kibicowal !?
trza bylo dac cynk na telefon a tak spozniony jestem w kibicowaniu :( kasy nawet nie postawilem :(
we know you will see whats going on hehe
unbann me on cb and we can paly play vs clean players :pPpPppPp
im merc anyway
vista+winject= u/d slac/pb etbot :))))))))

polaks ftw?
gl edified
gl sENSA topper! predi maurice low
gl predi maurice sensa &co
mauritze low/+ max

izi 4 polaks!

Absolent played(merced) on this server (and cheated) with SLAC

SLAC ID 1376
shutup killcancglass
nice killerboy

btw did you detect the paleHook who i sent to you?
*did you

grammar nazi :)))
shit warte :D
immer noch falsch :D

*did you detect glaub ich :)
scheiß simple past und so :D
funny polaks are funny :)
ownage na chuj gracie takie mecze na gtv ? xD lubicie dostawac publicznie wpierdol?
n1 cheating .
brawo panowie! wpierdol az milo :P a kuna jest przeciez med+ to niepowinien tu grac...
morfey staramy sie :) moze wreszcie cos ugramy :)
no moze ale nie na takie opo
hax Ever :) KillerBoy Look Repley Match.
ye he should look at you :)
kto by chcial 2 razy taki mecz ogladac?:O
nie gram juz takich mixow :(
nie wiem czy wiesz, ale na etpro mozna krzaki wylaczyc:P a 3 hs z bliskiej odloglosci to chyba nic zwyklego dla 90% community