Morrigu vs Impact Gaming (16062 views)

nl ins
nl Leonneke
nl mize
nl kitty
nl Ati_
nl Wesbo
fi Xpaz
gb Mztik
fi Raveneye
fi Tiigeri
nl teKoa
nl m1lk
ET Masters Group Game Round 3
CB6 config with NO MINES allowed, using mines will result in map lost for offending team.
21.03.07 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET Masters
Manager: eVo (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Radar
Downloads: TV Demo: Morrigu vs Impact Gaming (3 Files)
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Radio Commentary
gb QuadV Audio
By: Splodge
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Language: English
us Radio iTG
By: TosspoT
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Language: English

Total Slots: 1,500
Listener Peak: unknown

Enemy Territory TV
de #fayntic ETTV 1
By: h3ll (ettvd)
de, Hub/Recorder 1 (30 slave slots)
By: skooli (ettvd)

gb [#Impact.Gaming] TV Server
By: mthd (ettvd)
us #Pr3dS.Gaming ETTV 1
By: Phoenigore (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 594


Hahaha, dit word te makkelijk!
izi bash for mQ
frost final ftw:x
gl hf wesbo&kitty
jij ook goodluck =D en ga je niet verstoppen !
we spelen radar dus ... ik verstop me gewoon in de struiken. :]
Daar liggen wij al in ;O
dan kom je er maar bij liggen want ik lig er eerst

easy money. 500 on iG. Mystic......:P
Gl gaste
Possible Win: 14.04 € (+1.04 €) ik ben nog nie zo zeker van mn zaak xD
good thing ET isn't a 1on1 game... its TEAMPLAY! so if one team has better aim than the other, that doesn't mean that they will win :OMG:
it does if:
aim_team_1 = 2555*aim_team_2
easy for rocky
rocky speelt wss niet mee, hij viel alleen in voor ins toen..
je gaat eraan yamaki en yamato ! :p

afdrogen die handel :>
its battery not frost final =D
more slots :S
this game is far far away, there will be more slots :)
jokes stop being funny when u explain them O:
CB6 config with NO MINES allowed, using mines will result in map lost for offending team.

lol radar^^ en battery


hup teKoa en m1lk:D:D:D
go mystic go!!!
yes gogogo mystic im ur biggest fanboy <3
gg mize
gooo mads
if it is the real raveneye(not sure because i thought he is inactiv... :S) mQ is lost... raveneye = best rifle ever!!
you'll need a whole bucket of luck mQ
Its like u've been sleeping for ages.
i did :D
gl to both teams
it's the real shit !
xylos > raveneye atm
raveneye sucks really with the rifle...
dude... how should I know... I slept more than half an eternity
but although easy for impact
No he doesn't.
gl Wes, Kitty and ofc iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins!
ohh pls
did u suck perfo's dick ? :o
gl mQ!
easy for impact :)
where is rocky? :(
tight and nice match!
why is this UnScheduled now? =(
probably because the scheduled time didnt work and its postponed until further notice
mystic FTW:)
al mijn geld op mq
gl kitty en ins:D
lost, your money already is

it is time, young frizenwalker
i lold @ randomfinnishrifle
mads jonge, je gaat wel winnen e
[q]CB6 config with NO MINES allowed, using mines will result in map lost for offending team.

just set maxmines -> 0 @ server config
since we dont know which server it will be played on thats kinda hard to do
Presumably the no mines rule applies only to battery, not to radar?
yes only to battery
mh maybe you can set it at config:

map battery
set g_userTimeLimit x
setl g_useraxisrespawntime x
setl team_maxMines 0
I do help write the config every season, so yeah, I know...
gl mystic and teKoa. =)
Check for landmines!
like easy and stuff for mystic:>
wtf mize wasnt on fusen's cheater list? o_O
battery whee \o/
No no Mystic :(
gbMztik instead of fiMystic? :(
izi bash for mQ.
Tiigeri will play... no chance for impact.. give him rifle or sth else[flamer? ^^] because his smg is not too good
easy Impact
where is Mystic ?;[
nooo 8((((((((((((( mystiiccc !11111111
not so easy for impact, if they play without mystic :omg:
who needs more slots if mystic isnt playing :<<
mystic :S ?
Evo told me it's his last exam that day and he'll be partying that night :)
no mystic, but they still have teKoa!
Possible Win: 256.55 € (+251.55 €) iizi mani
gl wesbo : )
omg no mystic!!! oh wait :D gl mate go go mize as well :P
all cheaters are same!

evan just dont write pls, hate to come here and look on coments from some random cheater nub, it makes me engry
thx for your understanding.
no mystic no win :!(
all my money on morrigu!
open bets: none
You lie :P
omg no mystic no win :D joke

izi bash 4 'i
Kitty > impact :d
Mztik, my hero. Impact 2 win imo.
gl ins
Your bet: 5€ on mQ
Possible Win: 175.80 € (+170.80 €)

lmao : )
Your bet: 200€ on mQ
Possible Win: 6,584.00 € (+6,384.00 €)
Have some fun Ati_ x]
It's the real mystic now?
geen n30 wat is dit
where is mystic ? :oooo
mystic:llä vai ? :o
can mQ defy the odds? :o

1000 on mQ, now make me rich!!11!!1
ok for those who haven't checked other comments, fi mystic finished his exams today so whilst this game is going on i fully expect him to be horizontal lying on a bar extremely drunk.
gb mztik is more than capable to replace ;)
Call in artillery !

It's going to get hot out there (flamer :D)
+_; w h a t t h e f u c k .... m z t i k i s b a c k
mystic drunk! Please post pictures!11!
Wow major bet on us all of a sudden :| Odds were 99 to 1.01 and when I refreshed they were 12 to 1.09 ;O
oO who the fuck was that ;>>>>>>
idd who was that omgomg, daar gaan met 240000 winning poep
gl mztik :)
no mystic ffs :o
2-0 for morrigu
gg, impact won
gg impact :(
Your bet: 1298€ on mQ Lost : - (

wp tiigeri
rauhotu roskis ;DD
Mztik and Raveneye, well played. Really nice to see oldskoolers coming back and still having the skill they once had.
they were better but they still own though
mztik is superoldschool!
Actually raveneye was playing rather bad imo :(
mize were busted and he can play? lolz