Power Gaming vs TAG (4312 views)

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Kaos TV First ET E-Series

Semi finals!
15.05.11 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Kaos TV E-Series
Hosting: Official GTV Coverage
Manager: Seanza (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 6065
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 133


izi TAG! show who's boss!
no show win imo

Well not sure how late this will exactly start, I heard these guys are still afk fod foor (both teams), might be delayed once again
score ? score ?
guten TAG
absolutely steamrolled! wp
well done tag , looked like u got it , but no.