Team - Zodiacx vs (7324 views)

de mAurice
nl Mott4
de PreZ
de predi
nl imPluX
fr soma
fr Skynet
fr Provok
fr LtFullbody
fr Taichi
OC Spring 2011 - Grand Final



eu road to the finals :

4-2 vs. de Alliance
4-2 vs. de Fullhold KG
4-0 vs. de Team-Zodiacx


de Team-Zodiacx road to the finals :

4-0 vs. de sQueeZe Gaming
4-0 vs. eu Collapsed
0-4 vs. eu
4-0 vs. eu Collapsed


Note: de Team-Zodiacx has to beat eu twice to win the Grand Final


First Match: 5-3 for de Team-Zodiacx
Second Match : 4-2 for eu
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW 5on5 OpenCup Spring 2011 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Provok (Requestee)
Maps: Karsiah_te2
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Total Pot: € 26881
The bets are closed.

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By: sensa
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Language: Dutch

Viewer Peak: unknown

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 35


gl mott4
gl les copains <3
Gl Provok !!!
gl les copains <3

4e team allemande a perdre contre vous, haters gonna hate
gl zodiax
gl both, gonna be a nice Final i guess ;)
hf les gars
sticked gonna win easily
gl mott4, airstrikeboy
gl taichi & sticked !
gl predi , maurice & mott4!
gl skynet
LtFullbody se transformera en LtFullDamage.
GL Provokounet :)
gl predi & Mott4 & ImPluX
gl sticked, u got this
gl sticked :D
how did the frenchies managed that?
they are a good team, quite underrated

hm nice to see :) last time i played against them they werent that strong. Keep on going.
Ich hab erste match nicht gespielt, deswegen :PPPPP
Gl provok skynet & soma :)
gl prez
gl imPluX :)
gl motta, you prolly gonna take that even if it might be a tough game :)
Provok you must do it mate ! :)
gl sticked :)
C'est quelle ligue?
ligue des champions :D
la 4eme :{D
gl zX
gl implux pwner
which division lol
gl le motta<3 gRRrrRr and gl frenchies :)
gl zodiacx

hf mott4<3
izi pour provok et soma
gl taichi ;)
Omg :O

Good luck Zodiacx - Mott4 <333 & mAurice
Have fun Skynet & Provok, soma
zodiacx all the way
would be izi 4 daenji & cashy :o)
hf taichi soma mAusrice
le match sera split en 2 si ils gagnent le premier??
The match can be split into 2 parts
omg le gl zX
low vs low+

:D bizoo sticked - taichi
gl both
air-kun va mettre la misère
non je ne pourrais surement pas jouer pour 21h00 :'(
gl imPluX :D
gl to my brother <3

gl to ther other freaks of team zodiacx :)
Gl Zodiacx ;))
goodluck plux and Zodiacx
I'll try to be there shoutcasting.
fr evl gonna play instead of fr AiR because predi has to go to bed at 22h00 :D!

gl hf anyway.
pls ..
sup bro ???
nothing about u just cause of the predi thing
shit i thought you would have said smthing like : cmon evl is too skilled, it's not fair
jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez im low
[18:42] Mott4: who is that evl guy?
[18:42] Mott4: is he good?
[18:42] zX.ET mAurice: kind of

maurice is pooping himself lolol
Don't worry evl' will play if AiR can't.
LtFullbody instead of AiR
tu joues ou quoi mon grand ?
low is my real skill.
2 easy for fr evL :{D
gl martijn & romain <3
t'as géré pd à la sage !
jere ou géré ? j'ai essayé :{{{D
tu t'auto troll tout seul garçon !
et toi essaye de troller les noobies en face de toi ce soir :)
est ne dificile pas!?

gl both :)
Zodiax to win!!!
gl provok , skynet ;) !
Sorry friends, had to leave earlier... Anyway, you can download the show here :
First match Zodiacx won 5-3 :)
bande de noobies.
awesome goldrush srsly

rly good final going on here.
2-2...2nd match, the longest final! :DD
ìts aaaweeesooomeeee
all my money in sticked...!:!EJ(U%Y%Y%
ooohh rudolph!!
7-7, we lost
rly good game WP both!
well lucked sticked, and thanks for spliting ;)
gg wp we should have splitted this, cant play 4 hours straight without getting a headache
tout ça pour gagner l'oc div 32012 :D gg Provok :O)
pls enter the right score, 7:7
that's how szczurek told me to enter the score, stfu with your 40€ loss please.
haha i dont care about emoney i just care about fairness & truth sorry frenchie
fairness ? We allowed you to play on tuesday (deadline was last thursday), we allowed you to play with Mott4 (he wasn't allowed to play with you) and you didn't want to switch the match at 22h BUT YEAH COMON TALK ABOUT FAIRPLAY.
why we should swtich it to 22:00 ?
AiR was there where is ur point man ?
Why u didnt splitted the match btw?
And show me the screenshots where i said if we play at 21 we WONT split?
E: well if the admins just force it to Thursday, cause u asslicked them, its sure. you didnt even asked me if we can play on Thursday
I didn't know he will be there, you just didn't agree so don't talk about fairplay
Complètement nul ce que tu dis ...
ah oui pq ?
Complètement ridicule de jouer du low+ alors que l'EC c'est fucking skilled.
Atta ton premier reply c'etait pour Provok pas pour moi ? pasque je te suis pas trop là
nan pour provok, j'me suis pas trompé si?
Pas compris. mais continue à jouer du low+ va :)
final score was 7:7, but sticked won this final
fix the score then? people did bet on 2 games!
Entertaining, good show :)
gg wp, zodiacx won the first match 5-3 and we won the second match 4-2
9-5 c'est plus classe
c'est 7-7 en fait nice math skills :P
Well played guys, was fun =D
pls enter the right score, 7:7
well, gtv gives the winner and the winner is sticked.
You didn't bet on who will won the first or the second match, u bet on who was going to win, and it's sticked.
Sorry mate but u just cuz of ur loss ;) wp anyway even if i didn't play.
Well the bet, was for both matches. And both mathches are together 7-7? :)
WHEN YOU BET, YOU BET ON WHO IS GOING TO WIN OR LOSE, if it's a draw, bets are cancelled, but sticked won.

e: its not like i care bout 2000 anyway, but just saying, it shouldnt be that right?
they didnt won, its 7:7 and nearly we should play another map but CoC said no.
Im not mad, cause i know that they had pretty much luck we were better thats all.
And im sure if we would split this match that we would have won. Thats a fact! They said "No we dont wanna split" cause they were scared and they knew they could have a chance to win this by forfeit if 1 of us would left. 1 hour before the match they asked me to use a merc or to switch it to 22:00 CET and then they switched it to 21:15 for no reason, cause this AiR guys was there :O
don't be mad, u lost.
You so mad mate... excuses have always been on ET after losing, and it won't change.
QuoteIm not mad, cause i know that they had pretty much luck we were better thats all.

Mott4 imPlux PreZ and predi were good.
sorry but predi mott4 and implux were good :)
on your side, hmm noone

tg j'ai fait un flagcap mieux que le tien sur karshia, t'es plus la mascotte =)
ofc, skynet & air
I didn't want to reply but :
Just read cb rules, they won the match, that's all, u so mad jeez
if you would read my comments you could see that im not mad ;)
They won the Final but as the admin said it was ONE match 7 Maps ONE match. Score of the Match is 7:7
They won the Final, but the Match was a draw.
nothing to add
If you guys care about my opinion, scores should be added since it's been the case with previous CiC7 and AEF grand finals. Even on CB, scores are often added this way.
Edit : Moreover on Gamestv, scores must be added not who won.
u mean 7:7 ?
ye thx and gratz
Ca n'enlève en rien la victoire, tout le monde récupère sa e-money et c'est plus juste comme ça imo.

e : Cependant, les règles devraient être clarifiées.
ouais mais on s'en fou de ton opinion copain !!!
E-MONEY BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thx maurice !!!
r_mass_mad_attitude 1
My opinion is only the second match should count, but if it's just an e-money story, I don't give a shit.
Btw it was a great final, with a good oponent so no need to flam...
I hope to see u soon on the server for more fun! ;)
You have € 40 on eu sticked
Match is a draw, you were reimbursed.

fuck you maurice