Sample vs (2478 views)

ro blizz
ro biker
ro damon
fr imp4k
be iGlooW
pl techsteppa

CB 3on3 Ladder
29.08.12 22:15 CEST
Awards awarded to for
Lady Macbeth iNTENSITY.iGlooW 47 kills
Killing Spree iNTENSITY.iGlooW 3 frags without being killed
Accountant Damon SAMPLE 92% kills/killed ratio
He's dead, Jim! iNTENSITY.techsteppa 14 gibs
...and stay dead! iNTENSITY.techsteppa 45% gibs/kill
Lead Poisoning Damon SAMPLE 39 SMG kills
Spammity spam spam! bikerrr SAMPLE 5 SPAM kills
Fragstealer Damon SAMPLE 206 damage per frag
Die! Damn you, Die! blizz SAMPLE 275 damage per frag
What objective? Damon SAMPLE 311 XP
Red Shirt blizz SAMPLE 56 deaths
Are these pliers sharp? blizz SAMPLE 8 deaths without fragging
Med Pack Whore Damon SAMPLE 191 damage per death
Eyes Wide Shut iNTENSITY.imp4kiiBboyY 1 team kills
Gingerbread man iNTENSITY.iGlooW 24 /kills
Player Summary for the entire Match
[-] (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
blizz SAMPLE5018828565001173968919180/03/325/370/526415928
bikerrr SAMPLE442042454600136482773700/02/617/355/127014336
Damon SAMPLE92311454950120913187741570/04/239/253/220317936
Player Summary for adlernest
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
blizz SAMPLE75346840011381139000/01/05/60/1DKDKDDDKDK/KDK
bikerrr SAMPLE574047100162473300/00/01/63/0KDKKDDDD/KD
Damon SAMPLE854067200212531245180/00/05/51/0D/K/KKDKDKDKD

[-] 2nd Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
blizz SAMPLE4217370002817107300/00/03/50/0/DDDKK/KDD
bikerrr SAMPLE852667100173596900/01/05/60/0KD/KKDDKKDKDD
Damon SAMPLE125365400001010969180/00/05/40/0KKKKDKDDD
Player Summary for supply
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
blizz SAMPLE6888131910052996321100/02/011/120/2KDDDDK/KDKDK/K/K/DKDKDDDDK/KDKKD
bikerrr SAMPLE386971830062618315600/00/35/102/0/XDD/KDDK//DDDDKK/KDK/DDDK
Damon SAMPLE1111231917201730573011390/04/115/81/1DKKK/DKTDKKK//KDDKDKK/KKDKKDKK/KK/DD/

[-] 2nd Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
blizz SAMPLE2749622000322023245180/00/36/140/2DDKDDDDDDDKDDKDDK/DDDDD/DK/K
bikerrr SAMPLE316972210052505287900/01/36/130/1DDKDD/DDDKD/DDD/KDDDDKK/KDDK/
Damon SAMPLE7111215211001138113549820/00/114/81/1//KDK/KKDKDK/KKDK//DKKDK/K//D//DKDDK

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Player Chats
blizz SAMPLE [Warmup]: wutski
iNTENSITY.imp4kiiBboyY [Countdown]: gl hf
[8:04]: The Doors are opening!!
[6:50]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[6:50]: Allied Command Post spawn active!
Damon SAMPLE [6:17]: gg
[6:06]: Allied team has transmitted the documents!
[Intermission]: >>> Clock set to: 3:53
iNTENSITY.techsteppa [Intermission]: match reset
Damon SAMPLE [Intermission]: gtfo
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [Intermission]: XD
Damon SAMPLE [Intermission]: :P
iNTENSITY.imp4kiiBboyY [Intermission]: :XD
blizz SAMPLE [Intermission]: xd
bikerrr SAMPLE [Warmup]: shoutout DJOS who is increfuckingawesome DJ,blizz,ETL crew
iNTENSITY.techsteppa [Warmup]: /Ready
blizz SAMPLE [Warmup]: omygod
blizz SAMPLE [Warmup]: JORDAN
blizz SAMPLE [Warmup]: MIX FOR ME
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [Warmup]: hard to carry impak
blizz SAMPLE [Warmup]: OMYGOD
blizz SAMPLE [Warmup]: :D
bikerrr SAMPLE [Warmup]: :D
bikerrr SAMPLE [Warmup]: :D
blizz SAMPLE [Countdown]: party ahrd
bikerrr SAMPLE [Countdown]: hard to carry me
blizz SAMPLE [Countdown]: after
[1:46]: The Doors are opening!!
[1:16]: Axis have returned the objective!
blizz SAMPLE [0:40]: GG
[0:38]: Allied team has transmitted the documents!
[Intermission]: >>> Objective reached at 3:15 (original: 3:53)
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [Intermission]: gg
iNTENSITY.imp4kiiBboyY [Intermission]: gg
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [Intermission]: heads
iNTENSITY.imp4kiiBboyY [Warmup]: lmao
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [Warmup]: b4 erden beach ice frosy deli sd gru base
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [Warmup]: :{-D
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [Warmup]: :{-D
blizz SAMPLE [Warmup]: beach out
blizz SAMPLE [Warmup]: :D
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [Warmup]: erden out
blizz SAMPLE [Warmup]: ce out
iNTENSITY.techsteppa [Warmup]: base out
blizz SAMPLE [Warmup]: ice
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [Warmup]: frost out
blizz SAMPLE [Warmup]: fros out
blizz SAMPLE [Warmup]: oh
blizz SAMPLE [Warmup]: :D
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [Warmup]: b4 deli sd gru base
blizz SAMPLE [Warmup]: b4 out
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [Warmup]: base out
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [Warmup]: deli sd gru
blizz SAMPLE [Warmup]: deli outski
blizz SAMPLE [Warmup]: real hommies
blizz SAMPLE [Warmup]: play gr
iNTENSITY.imp4kiiBboyY [Countdown]: glhf
blizz SAMPLE [Countdown]: u no hommie
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [Countdown]: 8D
blizz SAMPLE [Countdown]: U NO HOMMIE
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [Countdown]: :{-D
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [Countdown]: :{-D
[10:41]: The Allies have captured the forward bunker!
[10:15]: Axis Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[9:36]: The Allies have breached the Forward Bunker Gate!
[9:11]: The Allies have opened up the Forward spawn rear exit!
[8:05]: The Allies have breached the Depot's east wall!
[7:53]: The Allies have breached the Depot Gate!
[7:47]: Allied team has destroyed the Axis Command Post!
[7:42]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[7:19]: The Depot Fence has been constructed.
[6:27]: The Crane Controls have been constructed.
[6:19]: The Allied Truck is in position!
[6:19]: The Allies have activated the crane!
[6:05]: The Allies have loaded the Gold Crate onto the Truck!
blizz SAMPLE [4:35]: i was so sure
iNTENSITY.imp4kiiBboyY [4:29]: :DDDDDD
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [3:43]: 8D
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [3:43]: 8D
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [3:01]: 8D
iNTENSITY.imp4kiiBboyY [2:23]: :D
[1:44]: The Allies have escaped with the Gold Crate!
[Intermission]: >>> Clock set to: 10:15
iNTENSITY.techsteppa [Warmup]: /Ready
[Countdown]: Vote passed!
[7:57]: The Allies have captured the forward bunker!
[7:51]: The Axis have captured the forward bunker!
[4:25]: The Allies have captured the forward bunker!
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [4:19]: 8D
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [4:19]: 8D
[3:05]: The Allies have opened up the Forward spawn rear exit!
[3:01]: The Allies have breached the Forward Bunker Gate!
[1:38]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
iNTENSITY.iGlooW [1:27]: ggs
blizz SAMPLE [1:18]: lol
blizz SAMPLE [1:16]: :S
blizz SAMPLE [1:15]: gg
iNTENSITY.imp4kiiBboyY [1:08]: same
bikerrr SAMPLE [0:45]: we got no teamplay
bikerrr SAMPLE [0:43]: :D
iNTENSITY.imp4kiiBboyY [0:38]: same for us
iNTENSITY.imp4kiiBboyY [0:37]: xD
blizz SAMPLE [0:18]: LOL
[Intermission]: >>> Objective NOT reached in time (10:15)
[Intermission]: blizz SAMPLE disconnected
[Intermission]: Damon SAMPLE disconnected
iNTENSITY.imp4kiiBboyY [Intermission]: gg wp
[Intermission]: iNTENSITY.techsteppa disconnected
[Intermission]: bikerrr SAMPLE disconnected

These stats are experimental and while we usually get very accurate numbers we can't guarantee they are 100% spot on. You can however view the endroundstats: Those are the endroundstats 1:1 how they were spammed on the server console, they are guaranteed to be correct (unless they're off, which sometimes happens too :p).
Some examples that will definitely break stats:

  • Server crash / restart
  • Players reconnecting with new ids
  • Too many random renames between rounds

Credits to the author of StatWhore of which we borrowed the awards and the general layout of the stats.
Thanks to Hannes who made the software that extracts all the stats from tv demos available to us.