Desi Bros vs leetonia (2429 views)

ca SaNdHu
ca SingH
ca RaNA!
br durateston
br yasser

CB 3on3 Ladder
18.10.12 03:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: sH0ckzs (Requestee)
Maps: Erdenberg_b2
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Total Pot: € 4029
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 7


match of the year lmao
okay.. u ask ohurcool to remove the one I requested, just so you can request the match yourself? ... lol wow
wat a faggot he is LOL
He didn't ask me to do anything.. I am capable of making my own decisions.

Matches simply aren't opened until the challenge has been confirmed by both teams at the league website.
uhm, the match i requested was accepted, and later was removed.. :)
So that automatically means sH0ckzs must've asked me to remove it so that he could request it himself?
he admitted when I asked him...
Sigh... never mind, it's not worth arguing over. Believe what you want.
I'm not arguing, I'm just stating the fact what I read/saw. It is up to you to believe or not, but its not a big of a deal anyway, so I wouldn't care but I just said it for whatever.. because its just a request for a match.. if he loves to do it idc.. im just saying he could have asked me if he was so desperate to request..
welcome to the world of being an admin in etpro where everyone talks shit but when they are put in the same position they will be clueless like a lost Indian kid in new york
u talk like ur an admin rofl xd
I was one, and it sucked, doesn't matter how much et was "alive" back then people act the same
[23:08] yousef: what
[23:08] yousef: I admited
[23:08] yousef: u so crazy
[23:08] yousef: xD
[23:08] RaNA!: when i asked u
[23:08] yousef: i sayd
[23:09] RaNA!: u said yeh and said :DDDD
[23:09] yousef: lol
[23:09] yousef: i just said
[23:09] yousef: :DDDD
[23:09] yousef: cuz u retarded
[23:09] yousef: u guys should rename
[23:09] yousef: to
[23:09] RaNA!: u said yehh too................
[23:09] yousef: desi tards
[23:09] yousef: xDDDDDDDDDD
[23:09] RaNA!: :D
[23:09] yousef: xD
[23:09] yousef: xD
[23:09] yousef: xD
[23:09] yousef: xD
avi to beat dis brazilian nubs :DDD
nubs? man u sucks play like a shit and nerd dont sleep fuck off
mad brazilian kid! it was sarcastic.. now go get some engrish lessons :)
engrish doesn't exist
250 € on Desi Lost
250 € on hi2u Lost
that's what she said.
Who is she? Why is she saying all this stuff?