One Pound Fish £1 <*)))>< vs Devastation (3926 views)

be chry
gb crumbs
gb R0SS
gb razz
gb sqZz
nl xPERiA
nl adeto
gb hsTE
nl ironic
be Kevin
nl Tw1zZt
nl Otyg
20.10.12 21:30 CEST
Awards awarded to for
Lady Macbeth <>< XPERIA 40 kills
Killing Spree <>< XPERIA 4 frags without being killed
Accountant <>< XPERIA 160% kills/killed ratio
He's dead, Jim! <>< XPERIA 9 gibs
...and stay dead! d.Otyg G5DEVBROS 60% gibs/kill
Lead Poisoning <>< R0SS 25 SMG kills
Spammity spam spam! <>< XPERIA 17 SPAM kills
Fragstealer <>< chryyyyyyy 145 damage per frag
Die! Damn you, Die! d.ironic G5CREAJI 313 damage per frag
What objective? <>< R0SS 185 XP
Red Shirt d.Tw1zZt G5SAIKO 38 deaths
Are these pliers sharp? d.ironic G5CREAJI 12 deaths without fragging
Med Pack Whore d.hsTE G5WAKI 177 damage per death
Eyes Wide Shut <>< sqZz 5 team kills
Gingerbread man <>< XPERIA 11 /kills
Player Summary for the entire Match
[-] (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
d.adetoOOoooooOO G5UNDERDOG33939272015276939521210/00/410/150/330814629
d.hsTE G5WAKI5512116292016369247562240/02/214/131/823116445
d.Tw1zZt G5SAIKO415516384111273438863300/04/100/2313/617110037
d.ironic G5CREAJI29828282027223443791350/01/69/110/5279156312
d.Kevin G5EDDO69105202960074258427800/01/213/171/521314836
d.Otyg G5DEVBROS23635223023115330482230/00/46/171/7231139110
<>< chryyyyyyy14713122156024346124614200/00/117/107/115716443
<>< crmbs86771214400516821858180/01/111/30/314013334
<>< razz11014323217006432333801250/01/119/103/518816143
<>< XPERIA154136402591011551827791730/023/10/1017/213810743
<>< sqZz10011821214056383635344681/01/323/101/318316824
<>< R0SS15718533218001062153116680/12/125/86/218814832
<>< 128790151117381742250351712812721/128/195/834/216614733
Player Summary for adlernest
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
d.adetoOOoooooOO G5UNDERDOG2865621200420473107820/00/46/100/3/DK/DDDDKD/DDD/DDDKKDDDDKKD
d.hsTE G5WAKI509412241015300637652240/02/211/110/6/DKKDDDKDKDK/T/DDDDKKKDK/KD/DDKDDDKDD
d.ironic G5CREAJI35777202026187732441350/01/58/70/2DDK/KK/T/DDDDDDDD/D/KDD/KKTKD
d.Kevin G5EDDO5677142520063385383100/01/113/150/5/KDDDXKDK/KKDKDDK/DDDDKDDD/KK/DDX/DKKDKKD
d.Otyg G5DEVBROS22545223021115330482230/00/36/141/6KDDDTDXDKDDDKD/DDDXDDDDKDTDDDKD
<>< chryyyyyyy1638818114013295118752700/00/113/86/1K/K/KXKXDDKKDKDKDKDKKKKDK/TKKKDK
<>< crmbs1226011930051267103100/01/110/30/0DKKDK/KKK///KKK/DKKD
<>< razz10511218176004355128391250/01/115/92/3KDKD/KDDKKDDK/KK/DKKKD/DKDKKKKDDKDK
<>< XPERIA1529532214001040932259710/020/10/1012/2KK/KKD/KK/DKKK/KDKKDDKDK/XXKK/KK/KKDK/KKKK/DKKDKK/KKDKD
<>< sqZz879314162045307027422410/01/217/70/3DK/KKDTTKDKDKDK/K/TTK/KKDKDDDX/KDKD
<>< R0SS1581542717500950872527500/02/121/74/0KDKK/DKDKK/KKKDKDK/KKK/KK/K/K/K/KKDK/KKKDKKD
<>< 1316021209124053620019132737570/025/776/4424/9

[-] 2nd Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
d.adetoOOoooooOO G5UNDERDOG5028360011722845390/00/04/50/0DKT/DDKKDD
d.hsTE G5WAKI802745100168699100/00/03/21/2D/KKKKDDD
d.Tw1zZt G5SAIKO712157110092986200/01/00/44/3SDDKDKKKKDDDD
d.ironic G5CREAJI125180001357113500/00/11/40/3DX/DDKDDDD
d.Kevin G5EDDO1502864400187344700/00/10/21/0KDKK/KKDKD
d.Otyg G5DEVBROS3390000020000/00/10/30/1D/DDD/D
<>< chryyyyyyy100434420115105861500/00/04/21/0T/DKDKDKK
<>< crmbs2017151000415827180/00/01/00/3DDDKDD
<>< razz1253154100277254100/00/04/11/2KKX/KDDKK/
<>< XPERIA2004184510114255201020/03/00/05/0/KDKDSKKKKKK
<>< sqZz140257520117667922271/00/16/31/0KKDKDKDKKDK/T
<>< R0SS150316430011128589180/10/04/12/2KK/KKDDKDKX
<>< 123188312614126501638555151/13/119/710/7

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Player Chats
d.Tw1zZt G5SAIKO [Warmup]: joof cheating on ql?
d.ironic G5CREAJI [Warmup]: :D
d.ironic G5CREAJI [Warmup]: :D
d.ironic G5CREAJI [Warmup]: :D
d.adetoOOoooooOO G5UNDERDOG [Warmup]: twizzt stealing owzo's joke since 2k12
d.ironic G5CREAJI [Warmup]: Joof, ga eens weg man
d.Tw1zZt G5SAIKO [Countdown]: gl hf
d.ironic G5CREAJI [Countdown]: hf
d.hsTE G5WAKI [Countdown]: hf guyd
d.hsTE G5WAKI [Countdown]: hvk <3
[9:50]: d.adetoOOoooooOO G5UNDERDOGcalled a vote.
[9:48]: *** Match Reset! ***
[9:48]: Vote passed!
<>< R0SS [Warmup]: Krein : nope, some people in our team are just stupid
d.ironic G5CREAJI [Warmup]: IMMA MERC YA BLAD'
<>< XPERIA [Warmup]: cancer de cancer
d.Tw1zZt G5SAIKO [Warmup]: knocked my keyboard off
d.ironic G5CREAJI [Warmup]: Lars is an idiot
d.Tw1zZt G5SAIKO [Warmup]: :<
d.ironic G5CREAJI [Warmup]: XD
d.adetoOOoooooOO G5UNDERDOG [Countdown]: glhf
[6:59]: The Doors are opening!!
[6:50]: Main blast door opening!
[5:40]: Allied Command Post spawn active!
[5:40]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[5:27]: Match is PAUSED! (Axis)
[5:27]: Match resuming in 225 seconds!
[5:27]: Match resuming in 210 seconds!
[5:27]: Match resuming in 195 seconds!
d.adetoOOoooooOO G5UNDERDOG [5:27]: ?
<>< XPERIA [5:27]: razz mic
<>< XPERIA [5:27]: sec
d.adetoOOoooooOO G5UNDERDOG [5:27]: k
[5:27]: Match resuming in 180 seconds!
[5:27]: Match resuming in 165 seconds!
[5:27]: Match resuming in 150 seconds!
[5:27]: Match resuming in 135 seconds!
[5:27]: Match resuming in 120 seconds!
[5:27]: Match resuming in 10 seconds!
[5:27]: Match resuming in 9 seconds!
[5:27]: Match resuming in 8 seconds!
[5:27]: Match resuming in 7 seconds!
[5:27]: Match resuming in 6 seconds!
[5:27]: Match resuming in 5 seconds!
[5:27]: Match resuming in 4 seconds!
[5:27]: Match resuming in 3 seconds!
[5:27]: Match resuming in 2 seconds!
[5:27]: Match resuming in 1 seconds!
[5:27]: FIGHT!
d.hsTE G5WAKI [1:09]: crumbs got action
d.hsTE G5WAKI [1:08]: woooo
d.ironic G5CREAJI [0:41]: :D
<>< R0SS [0:09]: gg
d.hsTE G5WAKI [0:07]: GG
[Intermission]: >>> Clock set to: 10:00
d.ironic G5CREAJI [Intermission]: gg
d.Otyg G5DEVBROS [Intermission]: GG
d.hsTE G5WAKI [Intermission]: wp crumbs
d.Tw1zZt G5SAIKO [Warmup]: 8D
d.ironic G5CREAJI [Warmup]: IMMA MERC YA BLAD'
<>< crmbs [Warmup]: it was scray when two came
d.hsTE G5WAKI [Warmup]: :DDD
d.adetoOOoooooOO G5UNDERDOG [Warmup]: Xddd
d.ironic G5CREAJI [Warmup]: hste brownnose
d.ironic G5CREAJI [Warmup]: new goku
d.hsTE G5WAKI [Warmup]: mad?
d.ironic G5CREAJI [Warmup]: :D
d.ironic G5CREAJI [Warmup]: :D
d.ironic G5CREAJI [Warmup]: :D
d.ironic G5CREAJI [Warmup]: cu@lan
d.hsTE G5WAKI [Countdown]: mad cause your lan performance is shit?
d.ironic G5CREAJI [Countdown]: pretty decent actually
d.ironic G5CREAJI [9:57]: :D
[9:08]: The Doors are opening!!
[8:52]: Allied Command Post spawn active!
[8:52]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
d.adetoOOoooooOO G5UNDERDOG [7:18]: xDDD
d.hsTE G5WAKI [7:06]: tacs
[6:58]: Allied team has transmitted the documents!
[Intermission]: >>> Objective reached at 3:01 (original: 10:00)

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