Team Decerto vs we FORGOT our name (3527 views)

nl joshua
nl SQuid
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CB 3on3 OC Fall 2012
Premier League - Semi Finals
18.11.12 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 OpenCup Fall 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: saKen (Requestee)
Maps: Et_ice
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Total Pot: € 26002
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 24


tough game, don't actually know who to bet on.
np 4 josh :)
ik neem mee, hooooo aassaddd dd
een korte samenvatting van onze leuke avontuurtjes
oh naar syrie geweest?