KiH vs raw (4704 views)

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Alienware Cup Christmas Edition: Return To Castle Wolfenstein

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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: Miscellaneous
Hosting: Self Organised
Manager: homie1337 (Requestee)
Maps: Beach

Total Pot: € 9821
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Video Streams
WarWitchTV HD
By: homie1337
View on GamesTV (external)
Language: English

Viewer Peak: 205


gl KiH
syL honorary swe 8)

gl both
You have € 334 on se KiH
Possible win: € 1496.32

don't let me down boys!
You have € 93 on KiH
Possible win: € 416.64
You have € 113 on KiH
Possible win: € 506.24
gl both kih teamplay ftw tho!
amazing match!
who won?
still playing... fcking epic
good game, raw deserved that - more viewers than EC Final :P
Yes, by 49 :)
you need to work on your arithmetic
comparing viewers on a stream to regular tv client makes so much sense
still you know it :D so saaaaaaad
know what? :d grade A rtcw match with warwitch cast & stream vs _bad_ ec final with only ettv, no stream and no cast. how can there be any comparison?
So silleh
Well played, too bad KiH! nice game
gg, nice game
You have € 250 on se KiH
You lost

gbsqzz and fiolbaa winning 2 computer finals in 1 eenight
nice lives misters
merry christmas mon ami!
Hyvää Joulua tietsäa
merry christmas mon ami!
I see wat yu did there
whait what!?! wish i was like u speccing ettv and a rtcw stream :) nice life cuntybollocks
I only watched rtcw final coz the EC final was boring imo and I was watching the hobbit @ cinema so... :{D
Anywayz merry xXxmas from fr to deryn and u