SSTAT vs Echelon (3529 views)

fi lateh
pl tramp
fr apricot
pl WuT
pl Elviss
fr An7ho

#no1 - 3on3 One Day Cup - Season 7
Grand Final
16.01.13 22:45 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: #no1 - 3on3 One Day Cup » Matchlink
Manager: Pose!don (Requestee)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 21435
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
fr no1'ETTV@GamesTV
By: Pose!don (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 49


[22:28] m1tja: are u going to roll elviss&co?
[22:28] latee: easy

lets see

btw if u guys loose cu@crossfire journal. hf
"[22:28] latee: ofc"*

Get it right.
twoja stara pierze w rzece, WuT
twoja stara pierze w rzece, WuT
twoja stara pierze w rzece, WuT
twoja stara pierze w rzece, WuT
twoja stara pierze w rzece, WuT
twoja stara pierze w rzece, WuT
wut masz malego!!!
The other day, I was eating this old lady out after a date, when suddenly I tasted horse semen. "Oh Grandma," I muffled, "so that's how you died!
APRICOT LOW downloading with torrent when playing :DDDDDDDDDDD
atleast it was a close game! :D! i hope u all in good mood :D! :D!
Not even fair ... I lagged out like a pig all the focking time ... :D!
sure. nice excuse tell us some more
can't wait for your journal bro. Hope you will mention lag on adlernest which started after u saw ull get owned hard.
make a conflict or tell admin to cancel the game?
And by the way, at least we are not sad nerds and shits ... so please ...
Don't talk with tears in your eyes, please.
Bad mood? D:!
still cant see journal? francais? sup? what happened?
Are these pliers sharp? SSTAT FRANCAIS 16 deaths without fragging
It's coz of his lag on adler, otherwise he would roll hard.
Haha all the sad nerds talking ... m1tja & Kwiz, rolled you already, so please ... sometimes better shut up ...

Journal or didn't happen.
As i remember it was 4-2 and it was 3 sec of us to escort truck. Can't say that is rolling bro. Guess thats why there was no journal?
FRANCAIS won the games
unlucky apricot, he deserved to win
Well guys, take well into consideration that we are non nerds certified and that we made it to the final ! :D!

So, nerds please ... :D!
Before the game :

After the game :

C sur qu'il a moins la peche
On le ramasse à la petite cuillère si j'ose dire :D!
On lui en aura fait voir des vertes et des pas mûres
:D! ça y est j'ai fait le tour j'ai plus de jeu de mots.
you are the saddest nerd around. making excuses to mainchat and whining about you can not move, its not like anyone cares and everyone notices your lag even if you didnt yell it all the time. + you are calling other people nerds here just because..?