MYSTERIOUS MONKEYS vs Runo<3 (4401 views)

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CB 6on6 Ladder
18.02.13 21:15 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: fREAK[rAMOS] (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 7026
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 18


easy for Snatix
easy for Snatix
easy for Snatix
easy for Snatix
easy for Snatix
difficult for Snatix :x:d:x:D/:x:D/x::D/d:xd
difficult for Snatix :x:d:x:D/:x:D/x::D/d:xd
gl Snatix mate
karrde loool XD GL monkeys
good luck both, could be interesting match !!
mysterious chickens
mutasd meg nekik hogy játsszák ezt a játékot.
izi dtec7
no sam no win - gl mM
easy for esse
azt a buzi esset verjétek el Karrde !!
hajrá karrde! :)
clash of the titans!
You have € 10 on eA
You won € 20

big money
You have € 250 on de mMONKEYS
You lost

Snatix wasen't online, I didn't want to play without him. Blame us, remaining 4 pushed everything into it and did well. :)
Sorry mate couldn't warn anyone, couldn't make it yesterday :[
tonik wtf?
Looks like MM nerding 24/7 in a dead game didnt paid off
yes forever low :(

come back when Snatix is there and I am willing to play aswell. Tho we could win today, if I dont whine because I miss the frog :s bb

e: I meant I didn't want to play without Snatix/the five i pracced with...
After this match I have no idea how could you guys win vs Oxyteam. but atleast you get good memoriesX)
You got outdamaged 3k by esse, please be quiet and save yourself the embarassment.
Thanks for the info, didn't really give attention to stats after rounds, had to check facebook
What even is oxyteam? We played with a merc just like u guys did, and u think we had high morale because our good paki friend rambo wasnt playing? Don't come here crying u had a merc and lost because of that.

Oh, and thanks for the memories.
you missunderstood me. I wanted to tell the flamer guy our bad performance was my fault, others did everything for win . I didnt act like how i should as a member of the team, instead i whined because i missed snatiix. Not being ego or sth
teamwork ftw <3
jealous of his e-love dtec7m8? :P
You have € 200 on eu eA
You won € 400

in esse I trusted
yes toNi yes win
simon du lowspack :D

schaffst es net ma andre zu carrien :((((
nice to know you played with a merc instead of asking me to play with you -- not nice ramoz
Since when did they play with a merc? Afaik stownage was in for Snatix, stownage has played with them many times before in offis.
yeah but ramoz told me to be their backup - i agreed - and was backstabed /replaced without knowledge