Germany vs Slovenia (10472 views)

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de Kevji
de kiwi
si Aniky
si Aristo
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ClanBase ET NationsCup XVI
Upper Bracket Round 1
11.03.13 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: stray (Requestee)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 560576
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 86


Where's s1lent?????? Wtf
silent is in elohell
Aristo homo :o)
kiwi <3
good luck klemen
gl our upcomming lower bracket opponent and germany :-D
Gl Kevji & Kresti.
gl kiwi & Bl4d3
Go easy on them kevji :D
As you can read above I'm the weak part of the team, so the rest of the Team have to carry me :O
Hahahahahahah after months of carrying stray he has the guts to call you weak?:D
He is just mad because i deleted him on steam, and didnt accept his friends apply :-D cba talking to a dickhead like him anymore, would be a waste of time, but rumour says that some et player wants to beat him up pretty badly :-D
about time u realized that
Rumour says that about 90 % of the et community would like to beat the hell out of stray.

only mental and humm3l are his buddy's. surrounded by retards
so true, so true :D
Ur so tough
lol he really pussied out?
ehrm, i dont recall him saying this. But im quite sure he didnt say anything like that. I only remember fireball to insult my teammates (iR) i wanted to stand up for them, but they didnt want anymore trouble.
He probably couldn't hear you, little pipsqueak.
When I was at LAN I thought stray was one of wzzrds employees sons but nah he's just a dwarf.
kevin du darfst mir einen lutsch ok? <3
ne, ich verzichte :*
Kevji is the best rifle in germany for sure
Seems to be sad make me leader of team germany ill sort these bitchezz out
We have everything under control.
nice to see you playing et again!
DAVEEEEEE, long time no see. How you doing? :)
good thx :D yourself?
as duke said, has nothing to do with me beeing the best rifle in germany, just about stray beeing a retard...
Eventho you are the best rifle in my oppinion.
next time think twice before voting a kid for being captain.
I ask myself many times who has voted for this kid and anyway, why are all these nice players wasting there time with playing for this guy. Looks like he hasn´t got social brain or he doesn´t knows something about leadership or friendship. Everytime i read a comment from stray, he makes clear, that he is a total retarded. And for me, he is the reason of the split between "oldschool and newschool". Duke is the exception, he is the bridge between the generations and should be the next captn for Team Germany. Not that you bring some old faces back... it´s just somehow, you owe it to us.

Cheers Moron brother #2
Actually we are not playing for him, we are playing for the german enemy territory scene.
Still, the question remains : Who voted for him
I cant answer the Question who voted for him.
germany is full of retards, and stray is like a fucking magnet
Well, but I really dont understand why stray had been voted for being the Captain of Team Germany this NC.
Next point I dont understand: Why so many backups? When I took a look at cf last time, there were around 13 Players for Team Germany. For what? I dont think that the whole backup will get the chance to play.
Would be nice, if theres a Captain for next year which brings some new faces to give them a chance.
well if u dont say anything or try to contact me how can i be available to play? so dont flame the backups -.-
furthermore not like u could have written on crossfire or asked kevji blade flop to contact me since they got me on steam and such
"Kevji - got me on steam" I c what u did there dickhead :(
xDDD <3
es ist trotzdem so das man mich erreichen hätte können wenn duke gewollt wäre mit mir zu zocken was ich bezweifle :x
Quote by dukeIf you remove kevji from the team, you aint have a team anymore. Just saying.

Edit: Is it possible to kick the him as captn and you make it from now on?
isso :(
You have € 53 on SLO
Possible win: € 5300
GL FLoPJEHZ old school boy & Aristo m1ke verunA
as i see the secret weapon isnt needed ;) hf GER & I FEEL S(LOVE)NIA <3
kevji > u.....
er hat doch gesagt er will keine backups da wir ja nie da sind zlol....... :X
GL duke_ old restard! Be sure that the force is with you :I
Danke sehr.

With force you mean those blue pills? ;-)
Du hast dich schon allein gelohnt für den einen Satz:

"Und Du hälst jetzt mal Dein Maul" (wirst wissen was ich meine)

gl & hf ihr säcke

Haha, danke. Irgendeiner musste es ja sagen ;-)

good luck flop, saliery :)
you are pretty much the weakest link any team could have. good for germany you dont play :d
pretty sad comments, stray

izi for kevji and kresti
izi for specula
Bl4d3 aint avi for today... FLoPJEHZ will replace him for this match

lu :

duke tornado
kevji allein bei papa
kresti der clown
kiwi der grüne hulk
Where rakji?!?!?!?!
auf der toilete oder so frag ihn doch selbst
ich bin immer bei dir schatz
gib ihm !! un ab !!
GL&HF team germany
und Stray <3
why no blade?
why no stray?
cancelled due to Slovenia not having enough players
can't play today, no players, i just got home from a trip and dont know where my guys are..........!
why no grubentänzer
no game kresti?????
ohurcool Sunday, 10th March 2013 21:08
cancelled due to Slovenia not having enough players

m1Ke Sunday, 10th March 2013 21:09
can't play today, no players, i just got home from a trip and dont know where my guys are..........!

I just talk to kevji and Germany accept to play on the 11/03 same time
:o There is at least a team which knows the word "fairplay" :)
Not like it matters, result will still be same :p
Y no Pops? :)
rofl @ stray deleting comments because he made himself look like a dick x-)
stown low+ max
wird vielleicht reichen ;)
wird sich zeigen wa
Fresse ihr zwei Spacken! ;) Was geht bei euch ihr jamaica affen?
gl kresti + kiwi
KRESTi for the dmg dealer!
stray such a bimbos
gl ihr schlunzenköppe!

hab och nen preis zu vergeben:

für kiwi jibts nen Obstkorb zu jewinnen= neue RL Freunde, banane,appel,birne, pflaume und mein lieblingstier erdbär

is doch wat 0_o

Ick nehm ne Torte o_0
hast du wieder mit den drogen angefangen?
stray is a manlet
jedu sm pasulj tko da se nm lah userje!
are we playing today? :D
no man , the date shows different
noone responding oO
no Schneider, Müller, Schmidt,Fischer,Wagner, Schröder no win
gl kiwi, kevji, kresti
no seareal no win
nice pf mike ;)