a.ToOn.eu vs Belgian Fraternity (7239 views)

de kiwi
pl Lukey
ca monkey
ee Sinnu
fi Statti
be AL1
be chizz6l
be Gifted
be Sup3r
be uNDEAd

CF ET Spring Cup 2013: Division 1
Lower Bracket Round 2
02.05.13 21:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CF ET Spring Cup 2013: Division 1
Hosting: Crossfire.nu
Manager: Artstar (Highadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 73096
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 84


we not play :P hehe :P
this lesti is in every team...

ET is dead
why the hate ;[ i always enjoy playing vs u:D
u got this bF, esse wants his revenge.
someone of bf pls join #atoon.et
for tomorrow or maybe thursday after our game vs rockit, but it won't be played tonight that's for sure.

hello. i must make you aware of the words you speak towards kiwi. the term aids relates to the most advanced stages of hiv infection. in 2011 there were 34 million people living with hiv and about 1.7 million died of aids that year. each year a lot of new people get infected, many will suffer and die, living the rest of their lives knowing their fate which is the worst.

therefore i must ask you to stop laughing at kiwi, he doesn't have much time. he just wants to aim his way through aids. it's his way to cope with what he has, targeting his enemies' heads as if they hold the cure and will drop it as a magical syringe after getting shot. don't hate on him, support him. AIDs him! :)))
hmmm intredasting..

u had time to waste there sir
dat polak
oh kurwa pierdole, jebane, jestes chujem kurwa big mac, pedlaly
I shall replace u np
this can be moved to wednesday/thursday with bF's wildcard. try to decide a time if either date is decided :)
20:30 CET? what time's your Rockit game gonna be played? ;P
20.00 then idc :D, we just play this before
oki cool, if you (or atoon) wanna test the server let me know a little before the game and maybe some change can be made.
'd be gr8 to set it to 21 then our game vs rockit got schedule1h later ! :pp
game not dead yet .. pfff
gl lesti
bF wildcards x

is it enough to say this on gtv? cause i mast go fak jere's girlfriend rite now & have no time to talk about this tonight :P

a date shall be set soon, when gifted arrives on irc
lets play it on thursday tomorrow is cl
And today is CL, WHATS YOUR POINT?
gl undead
gl gifted
gl AL1
gl Sinnu
crook replacing tomoyo
maus replacing crook
zeto replacing sup3r
vila replacing gifted
lio replacing undead
AL1 replacing jetro
chizz6l replacing teemo
ok so current lineup is:

vila, maus, zeto, AL1, chizz6l, maus
yes, while crook backup of tomoyo, tomoyo of sup3r, sup3r of lio, lio of undead, undead of teemo, teemo of jetro, you get it? :) quite simple, we kill the batman
lets player on thursday !
when you wannaa play?
Look to our coming at last light on the fifth day. At dusk, look to the east.
Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day, at dawn look to the east. * STOP CHANGING ZE GOD DAMN QUOTE TO FIT YOUR PURPOSE! GANDALF GONNA SUE YOUR ASS
That is the original one but it didn't make sense so I changed it.

I do not play 1v5 so "my coming" --> "our coming"
We do not play in the morning so "first light" & "at dawn" --> "last light" & "at dusk"

Case closed.
still i think that kiwi should be banned from the internet coz he doesnt know that quote
Agreed fully, create a petition and I shall sign it.
wtf did I just read :o
The best thing you'll read today

TOMOYO Thursday, 2nd May 2013 00:37
'd be gr8 to set it to 21 then our game vs rockit got schedule1h later ! :pp
Tomoyo is French, therefore he cannot speak in name of the BELGIAN fraternity.
so when do you want to play it? :P
21CET sounds great
pakze e super
kzal men best doen harmen69
i think we wont play so u got this by forfight
how come
lesti and stexx cant play
i told that fucktard sinnu to pass on that i wont be avi:D
are we allowed to play with 2 mercs?
I like forfeit, forfeit is nice
nope, say hi to dean for me.
ok then we forfight win
dat is lief van jou Sup3r
You have € 555 on  aToOn  You lost.
Omg :/
isnt played so no scores in gtv
gl belgtards, hope you can carry that frenchie
belgian suckers gonna suck
Kevji *
Lukey vel Yoshiharu
Sinnu (wa) *
this is cf cup :D nvm got 6 :)
You have € 13 on bF
Possible win: € 62.14

Don't fuck up AL1 yu bitch ass nigga :D
AL1's 3 man nade on radar vs Sinnus 3 man rifle
well, mine was better! got a 7man kill alltogether!
monkey playing with one hand- 10k dmg.
if he played with 2 hands- 20 K DMG!!!!

would be the biggest dg on the server!!! monkey gg own :))
gg total ownage
playing with one hand compensated by great revives!
dobry ownejdz, zasluzyles na galeczke:D
Monkey strong player xD
You have € 677 on bF
You lost

monkey good player !
you try playing with 1 hand lowbob
Yea aaaaaaaaaaaaight
watch all my other games and then watch this one, you'll see a big difference (but u started ET in 2012 so u probably dont know who i am anyways)
shooting with keyboard was very fun
I started on 2012 lmfaoo http://clanbase.ggl.com/personinfo.php?pid=7451837 I been playin this game since 07 kid u just lucky I'm inactive or else I woulda been bashin ur face
2007, shit you so oldsk00lzZz, still playing OC 5th division, gj
Lol don't try to act tough ur Canadian bro pussy ass nigga
acting tough on the internet :D "bro pussy ass nigga"
QuoteClan - Amp'd

Well, that explains everything.