Pluspunt vs Controlled Gaming (2944 views)

nl Trixor
nl Enigma
nl Highway
us Equanimity
fi Deer Hunter
gb Element

CB ET 3on3 OC Fall 2013
Third League
Group B
04.11.13 19:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 OpenCup Fall 2013 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Enigma (Highadmin)
Maps: Frostbite
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Total Pot: € 4059
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 13


Dont think I'm playing this
none of us will be here at 6 oclock no chance
avi if pushed 4 hours ahead
gl ctrl
+ fi Deer Hunter
+ gb Element
gl ze boys
dont know
well done, if you want to win it this way..
Nice sportmanship
Real sportmanship guys, someone lags out and you decide to not pause to win the game, really pro.

You won frostbite by a lot of luck and then you manage to win the decider by showing real sportmanship, congratulations.
We did pause, that's not our problem when one of you have shit connection, you used all of your pauses + dTEC and element has an offi soon, so do not blame us + you would have been raped anyway, 3 minutes left and we had CP + barrier, so get real please and stop that whine
3 min left while we had objective, pro mate, really pro.
We returned it duh
No, we still had the objective when I lagged out, thanks for paying attention.

Good game, you are able to win 3v2, next time show some skill in 3v3 as well.
ok, watch replay.
If you watch the replay at frostbite you can also see my ET crashed for a second at frostbite defence, allowing you guys to full me. Those 10 seconds wouldnt have been enough then since it was a crucial moment as well.

Give us a bit of your luck and unsportmanship and we can win EC, thanks.
Yes I did see that. I don't understand what makes you think it's our problem that you fucking lag out. Also you had pauses in frostbite. Also we didn't make any use of your lag out in frostbite because we are shit.
I made an avi will show you that your lagout was bullshit and did not impact the game anyway on goldrush
make an avi on giving me full on frostbite when im standing still as well.
lol element killed you on full and he also died and we were all respawning, stop crying already you fucking nerd
"lol element killed you on full and he also died and we were all respawning, stop crying already you fucking nerd "

So I had full by it but element respawned, good job understanding your own words.
then pause, and get connection
I'm glad your magical powers allow you to pause when you are lagged out.
you have 2 others who can pause, seriously fuck off you lost, deal with it, and don't try to tell me you wouldn't kill a lagged out person so stop acting like you are the king of sportsmanship
i thought you were late since you needed to unpause?
Hello pluspunt. 3 mins left, we have barrier, we have CP, good fucking luck with that. Also if you choose to use your pauses to organize other matches and therefore lose your pauses incase of a lag out which seems to happen quite often for you, it really is your loss. If we had time to wait for you for undefined amount of time we would have kept pausing but since we were already late for 6on6 we chose not to as is our right. Thank you for nice gayming and GL next year.
You have € 20 on eu #CTRL.d
You won € 114.8

gg easy

maybe you wouldn't have ran out of pauses if you didn't pause to arrange other games while in the middle of another game, and implying we weren't gonna win anyway, 3 mins left with truck barrier and cp on grush def, nice excuses
You have € 41 on eu #CTRL.d
You won € 235.34
You have € 20 on eu #CTRL.d
You won € 114.8 xdd
gg ctrl
good job !
Enigmad you're just shit, deal with it
Nerds mad because they think they got lucky on goldrush,

They paused because they wanted to set up a match,

They paused again for whatever reason, their 3rd wasn't afk so I'm assuming they wasted 2 pauses to set up a match. while dTEC7 and Element were late for their own offi.

then they claim losing objective because of lag, when we killed Enigma before he lagged out and there were 2 who were going for truck and they did not lag out.

+ the fact that I did pause, and actually I waited for a few mins, but I did not wait the whole pause cause that is not my problem.

So fuck off with this useless whine and sportsmanship
why even bother to argue with this retard enigmad? :D
<@Trixor> well played fucking Equanimity idiot
<@Trixor> sportmanship to the top
<@Trixor> you knew we were owning you all the way
<@Trixor> supply frost grush defence
hard ownage no doubt
You have € 32 on eu #CTRL.d
You won € 183.68