#erAse.et Runo<3 vs alliancze blue team (5675 views)

fi dTEC7
nl esSe
gb Nips
fr Snatix
fi toNi
nl vANQ
cz Pecka
cz malfoy
cz mnewcko
cz darius
cz crAsh
cz Loocko
A showmatch on a new map blAcky and myself created.
Check out this journal on CF:

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Misc
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: Fendah (Requestee)
Maps: Waffenschmiede_b2
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Total Pot: € 15197
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adeto - Twitch.TV
By: ohurcool
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Language: English

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i checked the map and despite the flame its actually nice
gl ea
all eyes on esse I heard he has made some epic sneak tactics for this map already
epic battle with crash then :) he is uberninja
CF's new king vs legendary flying hovno master. It promises to be a good battle.
no open sky no flying hovnos here :(. it will be ordinary game without any magic in the air
can shoot rg from allied first spawn to flag... toni already knows how gg.
new homemap
sklamak? OK...

shit :D .. zrovna kdyz jsem chtel hrat :( :-DD .. :)) gl hf
furt nechapu tady tu zabomysi valku, pokud chces screen ze jsem si s loockem psal jeste driv nez dal ten koment na et.sk tak ti ho klidne pastnu, peace <3
Tak urcite, jeste ho prosim vylep na bednu na prvni misto a udelej si s tim treba poharek na crossfire
no deli no win
was testing out the map and can tell that if you're not using mg on this, you're doing it wrong

so many good spots with long ranges and corridors out there
So, would that be a good or a bad thing or just diffrent?
good for twidi

bad for opponents
Hahahahahah thought the same
Good for him but I havent seen him playing ET lately
waiting for UAC to shut down
i already fix this problem

and thats how all my screens look like :D
Wait, you mean it is working right now?
yes it is, take a free hour or two to scroll uac banlist
I got no idea, never even downloaded it, but to my understanding it still is mandatory in all the EC/CF cup games
yeah, I like that, but some might not like that as much :P
mgs just easily countered with rifle tho ;x
it looks promising! hf
well done mr BVB
very nice map!
waiting for gamestv admins... -.-
map not on ettv hub thingy ":D"

not added to hub
Adetooo trying to stream from friends house:
yup - the stream laggy as shit - 30 waiting for 3 min action
dtect making the game fun to listen to :D
Just listening to the comms, it's incredibly funny :D
Gl ea @esse
0:6 waffensmejd
2:0 radar

thanks god waffen isnt in officials :DDD
waffenjude only
lol noobs radar only :xd
someone mad because of flying hovnos always found him on radar :D and yes i heard what you said on stream
Obviously not mad tho, it was a fun game :P What did i say ?
Snatix: fucking shit nigger move
You call that being mad? :S
no?:S just helped u remember what u said u incompetent french faggot :D
gonna break all your bones into pieces cu@lan
Inb4 "azur we need you coz snatix dodged lan" gg :S
worked out great last time :S
Shit map :X
mabby elaborate so map makers can make it better
like soooooo many places with fps drops?:D
It's just my taste tho, but that map has too many ways, too many objects(stuff) everywhere, it would annoy me :D
but some may liek it
yea big ass maps for small obj
i like it so stfu
btw stopped ET was fun xoxo
Are you high again?
Do not stop bro, ill start playing serious for u!