alliancze blue team vs TAG (6513 views)

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CB ET 6on6 OC Fall 2013
Premier League
UB Round 1
04.12.13 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2013 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: wenm (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 62258
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 39


hf Kirej
Vytrestej je tam všechny dariusi!
Jsou docela low, ale uz na vas nikdy nevsadim :D Ste moc nevyzpytatelní
si zabil :D a za to te uznavam
jaký hrajete mapy? :D
jeste, ze se vyznas...
Hm? Můžou spolu hrát bambilion let, můžou bejt v týhle hře furt dobrý, ale pokud jsme je byli schopný porazit s mixem tak, že dali rq na goldrushi po tom, co jsme za ani ne dvě minuty dostali tank....
You seem to be so full of yourself, nobody cares about random pracs against random mixes (I witnessed shitloads of pracs when they beat teams from EC, but it means nothing in the end, offis are the only matches that count). And god knows what lineup they had at that time, they barely play together. But, yea, keep claiming that they are fairly low if it makes you feel better...
Replying in english so some of them may interact, haha :D
Nobody cares about random pubs? Why did they ragequit against us and search new war after 5seconds then, if they didnt care?
What are you trying to prove anyway? it's not like you're any good :P
Im not trying to prove anything, filus is.

And bitch please, you?:DDDD
Where has this sillyego come from all of a sudden? It's like you've lied about how good you are so much you're starting to believe it yourself.
I never claimed anywhere i was good, and if i'm not, you're definitly not. You're the first one who posted something even tho i can't understand a word, so you're trying to prove something
That was in response to the other guy lad
he didn't reply to you either
Harvey Dent, Can We Trust Him?
No? I just simply wrote something about not betting again on Mr.Sedou and also that they can beat them :D (using the word low is too concrete if you wanna hear that..)
It's Simple, We Kill the Batman
but i thought he's the hero we need?
u talkin bout the time we made TAG quit? they have an excuse no one can take on brom8s
Where were the other drugs going?.......Swear to me!
just quit already TAG, you have played a million scrims together and still can't win shit.
They will take thisone i think, they have even a chance to win this cup: turbot players need to die of aids, erase get a life/job and forfeit win against phase. Easy
none of them playing OC, but ok xd
U see? Its happened already! Im a prophet
it is really the worst team of known and good players playing together for a long time
Thanks for making that clear captain random.
now you are ridiculous
GL Sklamak, tezaXo

BL mnew
souhlas upslte ivana hornika ceske et sceny a nejlepe na izlovane hranici za pomoci stridaveho napeti 110 kilovolt a nechci zadnej posranej hlinik ty draty budou z medi !!!
Do mikrovlnky (na kov samozrejme) s ním!!
a zbytky nahazet do pracky na penize
Neco podobného nenavrhuji, ale jestli to chcete usporadat ve Vasem kouktu cool chlapcu, Vase volba, nevim jaky choutky mate a je mi to uprimne jedno
kdybys misto toho hejtu radsi zacal s nama hrat!
no teda
Jako kdyby jste o me snad stali :D Made my 5 minutes :D
ja jsem to ale myslel vazne, nebylo cemu se smat :(
Hovnos flew, gg mnew.
Kirej :DDD
You have € 1 on cz allicze Cancel bet
Possible win: € 10.42

Make me rich mnew
they will not get the beating they deserve but the one that they need :D

hovnos will deliver as always :)
gl kirej
no chance :D ale GL Alli hosi :) jestli vyhrajete bochnu flasku kianydu :D
:D :D :D
doufam ze pozves i nejaky kamose na takovouhle party :D
gratuluji, napsal jsi obě "i" špatně ve slověk "kyanidu" :D
No to je toho prahodl jsem si pismena jak jsem to psal ve spechu neuvazoval jsem ... jsemrad ze mi gratulujes ale pointu kazdy pochopil ... a jestli mi chces rict jak jsem zaostali a mel bych se vratit do ZS tak by mi to stejne nepomohlo hold komu neni dano tomu neni prano.A jestli stejne ti to neda pak ti to vysvetlim osobne.
ale prosimte, bez si svuj e-penis zvetsovat nekam jinam. zadne kecy o vysvetlovani osobne mi tu necpi :)
nic jsem tim rict nechtel, jen jsem tim chtel popichnout znamou tvar. akorat netusil jsem, ze misto toho picham vosiho hnizda o/
You have € 100 on cz allicze Cancel bet
Possible win: € 834
aea beast
You have € 23 on allicze
Possible win: € 484.84 xd
no Sklamak no win :_XDDD