national 0wners vs gstars (4066 views)

nl Thug
nl Lefty
nl adeto
nl Crabje
nl FoFo
be Azur
nl LatiN
be Fable
nl voice
gb DtS
de xeio
gb meeky
be P5Y
be xai
gb neo

ASUS Alliance Cup
Group 2
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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: Alliance RtCW Cup » Matchlink
Manager: playa (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 6430
The bets have been cancelled.

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WarWitchTV HD
By: Artstar
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Language: English

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gl to us! Player to watch: Enemy Territory Nade Hero be Azur is making his RtCW debut!
gl n0

if we have any admin plz add Warwitch tv!!
gl latinooo :)
latinoo!! pak ze ouwerd:D
gl latino & voice
nice that this will get casted, looking forward. gl strango
hehe, thx. Maar ik speel niet. Op dat uur ben ik naar the hobbit 2 aant kijken :<
gl latino & strango im avi if u need me :XD
gl Bassm8 :)
What happend? People are talking 2 me about a rematch
n0 used nackjee with a fakenick and ur team wanted rematch instead of taking forfeit :D
didnt Merlinator said that the guy Dope (or whatever ) is swedish caus of the ip?
thats what i call... sportmanship bro ;)
If we lose we will take the forfeit :DD
n0 wins. But since thug knew nackje was playin and let him use Dope's name, and fucked us all up, playa gave us a chance to rematch gStars without dope/thug.
wauw using a cheater, knowing about it, letting him play with a fakenick, lying about it to admins and you have to rematch?!?! OMG so harsh
they dont have to rematch. gstars could take the default win if they want. but they are showing real sportsmanship and want to rematch :).
yes using a cheater, knowing about it, letting him play with a fakenick, lying about it to admins is real sportsmanship especially when theres prizemoney involved, youre making yourself look like clowns for not kicking them out of the cup tbh :d
Et community coming at u, prepare anus.
actually thug let him in we didnt know anything so stop talking plz kthnxbb
you have to be lying son, nobody is that stupid.....
we (gstars) actually want 2 play this rematch. Admins can kick them out after :D
lol nerdeto and nerzur nerdig rtcw now
Sipperi get your facts right before talking.
Nobody knew about it except me and i never knew he was a cheater.

So blame me and not them. Thx
stfu and die noob. Thx
Kan ik bevestigen, thuggie speelt niet met cheaters!

Edit: Waarom bannen jullie me van #thugster ?? :< Ik heb hier niets mee te maken. Kwas er niet eens!