United Kingdom vs Romania (6617 views)

gb crumbs
gb jam
gb razz
ro Bullet
ro Damon
ro Stary
#gMen 3on3 World Cup
Playoffs Final Series
Upper Round 2 - Bo3
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Matchweek 2: 1-8 April

Matchlink: http://eu.cybergamer.com/match/501592/

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06.04.14 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: #gMen 3on3 World Cup » Matchlink
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: timbolina (Highadmin)
Maps: Et_ice
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Total Pot: € 20599
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Enemy Territory TV

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Viewer Peak: 59


good luck Arztar
Stary got this i think this yes this
Gonna be a balanced match,

roDesene vs gbsqzz
roBullet vs gbArtstar

I'll take razz.
sup with Damon :o
he got benched gg xD
this would be to izi if i will play :D xD
Well actually the truth is that Me, Bullet and Lover were a team since the countries qualifier and damon had another team with yulyan and razy which had to fold out of the cup because razy is pretty unreliable because of uni.

So I ain't gonna backstab bullet nor lover.
you are more friendly than them anyway, good luck my beloved ddoser <3
Gl bullet :)
gl hf Stary Bullet desene
Good luck Arstar, you massive faggot.
no Damon no win
gl Romania!!!!
Gl razz !
gl razz & stary

no damon no win:o
same shit, with or without damon
da-mi pm pe xfire cand esti on
u wanna tell me some secret tactics on delivery or what? :D
like im gonna tell my secret tactics to a gipsy bitch please! xD
xD xD
a gypsy is calling me gypsy :))
astia chiar cred ca ne certam
GL and have fun, Bullet > Desene > ddoser Stary with the UK team ;D
Bafta baieti.
mersi watcher, cris si garf :D
goodluck hf bullet
Hey didnt watch a game since ages. Do we still need to spectate via TZAC or whatever actual anticheat or I just need the ip and the game?
since when was tzac needed for ettv?
I dunno since I always used tzac to connect to servers by ip, i just used it also first time I went on this site.. but yea so I guess it works without it.
Now is pay per view system I'll pm you my paypal email.
Send me your mom email before :)
omg ratstra omg :o
Ri Stary
Well played razz
bad performance on my hands, that nade though xd
Was kinda waiting for it, I heard you then I heard nothing for a while haha

for the record, watch the replay and check how hit-able crumbs and jam are lol
I think jam is kinda known for being unhit as some dutchies! :D