turbot vs LIKE A BOSS (5208 views)

fi Swanidius
fi vokki
fi twidi
fi walle
fi Statti
fi Metsuri
be aNGER
be ChilAx
be eron
be r4pZ
be spiROZE
nl constan
02.05.14 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET 6on6 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: ChilAx. (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 7149
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 35


Place ur bets how drunk metsuri is
outdamaged by metsuri
Seems like we meet again mesturi xx
HF drunksuri <3
its gonna be spam about anger's penis from metsu :D like yesterday
indeed XD i'll ask their spawntime again for dickselfies XD
#homo feel free to join all of you :D
stop chatting and get to the server
but im not playing my friend :)
dat radar rifle :3
gj metsu!
fucking nerds ahahahahhahaha
ahahahahahaha i'm going to my gf now i'm such a nerd hahahahahahahahahaha
Your left hand doesnt count as gf man, deal with it
that joke is so old and bad and I know better ;-)
You're fucking worthless, and that isn't even a joke
hey guys be nice to eachother

Where you at bro, im looking for you at irc <3
dat jij met nerds praat doe ik niet raar van maar das echt den lelijksten nerdaap van den community :')
the moment he realises anger really has a gf and bob.cze is foreveralone

"You're fucking worthless"

spiroze defending anger, is this even real life..

And rather no gf than ugly faced one
need new ban wave :s
xperia please :s
what u need more is a new face and some muscles u fat nerd
and u need to hide your cheats better nerd
but i wasn't hiding anything :s
no thats why you guys always saying im not a cheater or something
i dont even know what you are trying to say
i dont know why you are talking to xperia cancer polak
and i dont know why are u talking to me u ugly skinny nerd
because im a beast shit polak
no you're a retard without any brain who is trying to suck xperia's fat dick , good luck with that
przecież on już poszedł spać :D
you are braindead because you are a cheater and getting busted ..

i only like your mothers vpussy
and you are kapot
Cheater vs Cheater. This going Big. Brb gettin Popcorn and a softdrink.
he needs teamviewer
shut up subakk
:DDDDDD as i said u know nothing what happened with me and him cuz at that time u were like 13 yrs old and u didnt play this game so shut up mr.teamviewer 8)
kuba kawalec proszony o cisze
Brobert Niesłyszący proszony o wyjście

e: nieważne o jakiej godzinie napiszę ty i tak kurwa zawsze się znajdziesz :__D
it must feel aweful to know that you couldn't best me even with your hacks, oh well, perhaps in another life (hopefuly one where you dont have to clean shoes all day)
i prefer cleaning shoes all day than being ugly fat nerd like u , but perhaps in another life u will be able to get laid . In this one kapot is all you can get (:
Kapot everytime I read something you post I'm embarrassed for you. You try so hard and its pretty pathetic. Gl with life mane.
^CTURBOT METSU [Warmup]: I like to get raped irl