gentleMen eSports vs raw (3446 views)

nl adeto
no Domi
fr Snatix
nl Enigma
nl crabje
gb ScarZy
fi olBaa
gb sqZz
nl bully
nl Mirage
gb jam
de fro

Matchweek 4: UFO + Beach, Ice if needed.
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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: The Reich Strikes Back Cup
Manager: Enigma (Highadmin)
Maps: WL-UFO

Total Pot: € 15246
The bets are closed.

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gl gmen
easy remy
lets go boys
gmen 4 - 0 raw.
Why laugh? You gonna see tonight ;)
gl scarzy :)
gl domi ga izi voor u zijn ':DDDDDDDD'
Dit gaat zo'n rape worden hé =(
Enigma and papiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii in the same team. This will be EPIC!

You have € 10 on nl gMen
Possible win: € 103.9
ENIGMA Wat zie ik nou,, Speel jij ook nog!?!?!?
gg wp raw
gg :)