United Kingdom vs Czech Republic (9902 views)

gb Artstar
gb crmbs
gb Mztik
gb koop
gb razz
gb R0SS
gb sqZz
cz cpu
cz Green_Clon
cz jalo
cz malfoy
cz Loocko
cz Sklamak

6on6 NationsCup 2014
Lower Bracket round 4

#LIKEABOSS - Brackets - Rules
16.06.14 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET 6on6 NationsCup 2014 » Matchlink
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: ChilAx. (Generaladmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 174846
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Enemy Territory TV

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Not the correct date. Schedule this asap.
This date works for us, kinda up to Czech, has to be 20:30-21 though
I'll try to contact Malfoy tomorrow.
cant play tommorow, I ll try to contact u @IRC
and also cant play tonight, lets play this tuesday 10.6. 21CET , where can I find u koop? RAZZ has just bouncer on #likeaboss
just go in #3on3.et #6on6.et #crossfire
:/// United Kingdom - tohle vypadá na konec příběhu...:/
shit, to byla ale sentimentální facka jak kráva.
no marv no loo no butch no denton = no win
loo is in
still missing aMenti}marvje the keyplayer of your nation
He's been missing in ET community for years.

Too busy with business man life
gl Sklamak
držím palce tepláci ;)
gl sklamak !
no jalo no win
this needs to be moved to 20:30-21. most likely 21
It already is 21
This is scheduled to Monday 21:00cet atm. But i thought razz and malfoy agreed to schedule it on this date / or maybe tuesday.
I was saying it for my timezone, so 21:30-22CET then
what about playing this tommorow?
Maybe before/after the Allstars game. But it seems the Allstar game might be around 22 and we may not have players before so idk
I ll pm razz around 18-19CET
It's going to have to be today :o)
what about the sunday? phase will have enought time to spend it with turbot :P
good luck Sklamak ;D
workout for me to allstars :-))
GL Green_clon,Sklamak,Tezaxo! :)
gl sklamak :-)
gl mrdaci mam tam patnika kdyby sme nahodou vyhrali no proste jako obvykle

You have € 50 on CZE
Possible win: € 1660
gonna be rescheduled again - we have to use wildcard
gl skalmak!
You just to had to arrange this over turbot vs phase which has been scheduled like a week ago.
that sucks indeed, but it's pretty hard to find a date when both teams can play
Well, mainly meant UK and it wasn't easy to get our game scheduled. But thanks to this I doubt turbot vs phase will be played after your game because it would be so late.
GL, mate na to
no replicator no win
Has to be played before Monday 16th of June. Noshow will result in a forfeit loss.
we can play @sunday and hope that monday also! (depends on Loo and Sklam work shifts - I wrote them sms already) anyway we will insist on the rule that cgac anticheat is mandatory, as I see in last phase match,"someone" had some kind of problem to respect this rule... :X

TURBOT Swanidius [Warmup]: gg no anticheat on
TURBOT Swanidius [Warmup]: forfeit!
phase-R0SS [Warmup]: just rup u faggot
nope, we can't play on monday
Good job guys for delaying the NC more and more, please reschedule it again because why would you give a shit about other teams, right? We have already been waiting 18 days for the next game and still we need to wait some more. Overall I played with my team 2 games in this cup, and it started like 21.04.2014 according to schedule. Grand Final is scheduled for 22.06.2014, haha "we" will totally play this on time. I believe that the Grand Final in Brazil's World Cup will be played faster than this shit.

Probably we are going to delay your cup even more, because we got other things to do now. I haven't used my wildcard yet so don't be surprised if it is going to take ages to schedule the next round game. Dunno if admins and teams like cze/uk realise that it's fucking shit to play while its 30 or more degrees outside and there are plenty of other things to do than playing, without mentioning that we got a football games every day + some people starting to go on their holidays + some got their last exams in Polish schools.

#krawat #ScianaTekstu

I tak chuj sie chillax przejmie, a UK od 2011 rozstawia wszystko jak chce i wyjebane w schedule (w EC anexis i pokrewne to samo przeciez)
I feel you mate. I know it's annoying, but it's really hard to set a date with some teams, just like .uk.
how about you actually get a fucking life instead of waiting every day to play a dead game

jesus fucking christ man - leave your house
stop checking this site every day, you're retired
check my last post time, now check yours.

exactly. fat nerd
I never claimed I retired :XD
neither did i - i play a mix now n then ;-)
kobata says hi
you tellem kamz = legend
Yeah monday is the last day. They both used wildcard. Its your turn next week.
dont be mad, we just couldnt play on monday, than was the allstar event and on finally on thursday razz had to go to hospital, after that chillax wrote me
[19:48] <01chilax__> <chilax__> sunday is the only day left than

now I cant say if its going to happen tommorow... :X
forfeit time
Quote by ChilAx. Saturday, 14th June 2014 21:50Has to be played before Monday 16th of June. Noshow will result in a forfeit loss.
- Tezaxo
+ jalo
need streamer :D
There is a new update (cgac 1.5.1) . CGAC is still mandatory! So, to keep the delays in this match shortly, try to update it before matchtime! Download link: CGAC 1.5.1.
Is there any confirmation on this game being played??
Is there any confirmation on this game being played??
we r going to be ready
ettv server fucked up
gg uk ._.
gratz UK
not really. fuck uk for their bad manners and screwing us up with scheduling.
mad? You're acting like the scheduling was all our fault lawl
yours and admins who is weak and did just what you told him to do.
? The admin didn't listen to what I said, He said sunday it should be played but since it was Fathers day I said if I can agree with malfoy to play monday can it be done and chilax said yes. So when I asked malfoy if monday is possible he said it should be fine. So from then the last day was monday.
who cares about what u write, we had same situation with EE few games ago, and we did not receive the same favour as u had for this match..
also I persist on quote what i wrote
[19:48] <01chilax__> <chilax__> sunday is the only day left than

Quotewe can play @sunday and hope that monday also! (depends on Loo and Sklam work shifts - I wrote them sms already)

doesn't seem like he agreed on anything
thats not what he said to me, tbh i cant be bothered finding the logs but he said it should be fine.
anyways gg wp
lol u behave like the opposite of what u wrote, u should remember on thursday,
u could just wrote gg after the game, instead of bashing the keyboard with your dick...
they can just thanks to chillax who did a favour about not forfeiting them yesterday, some rules can be always bendy, when u want to asslick UK or EE.

You wildcarded Monday, UK wildcarded for Thursday. And you said 'it should be good...' to play this tonight. And i see a full main lu playing tonight? So whats the problem.
wanted forfeit maybe :3
if you see full lineup tonight, you are watching different match.
so yeah, the problem is we weren't in full LU and some of us had to come on the last minute, jumping into match without any previous warmup or anything.
yes while we had full lineup and some warmup pracs before. We didn't even have our main 6
it's not like I give a shit about you. since you wanted to play today, it's not my problem what LU you played with.
same goes with warmup, maybe you don't rely on it, but we do. we were pushed out of our comfort zone, let's say.
and you seem to be forgetting the point that the person who spoke on behalf of your team said it should be fine for monday, since he said that, its not my problem either whether you're in your comfort zone or not. We wasn't prepared or in our comfort zone either, otherwise you would of been staying in your spawn the whole game.
The games done, stop dribbling over gtv and do something useful
let's have a threesome with playmate
only me n u bby
<3 in allstars nerdikoop :<
while chilax actually told me he can't find logs where malfoy says sth like that and you "cba" to search for them. convincing.
and no, I don't think so. were we in full strength, we would play way better than this.
so yeah.. you don't browse gtv and actually do sth useful, right?
you act like a complete dick, let me guess, irl problems?
either way, cba talk to you any more.
gg wp
skoda toho radaru
skoda ze z tech lidi se stali arogantni hovna...
gg .. spatna hra :( .. bobe zrovna dneska bys fakt hral lip.. :( .. posledni dobou to je na shit..
ani ne, predtim jsem s nima hral proti nl a moc jsem jim nepomohl :(
tak ono zahrat 1:1 s NL na supply taky neni vubec spatny ;)
presne tak.. i green to schvaluje :DD ;) tak gl hf dalsi NC :D
jen rikam ze nehral spatne :)
Nevadí Sklamčo <3
team.uk koop [Intermission]: u play as good as u schedule games
team.uk koop [Intermission]: SHIT

since when is koop that retarded
dunno, but he's been pretty arrogant talking to me on irc aswell. kinda expected better behaviour from them overall.
If you had to go through the frustration of scheduling a game against them you would know
well idk what happened but u NEVER acted like that :D so i was kinda suprised
Ye I know, but then that tells you how annoying it must of been xD
sorry for koops behaviour hes now kicked for rahul