POLARBEERS vs craze (4494 views)

fi Scarce
fi blackwolf
fi geffi
fi Altsi
fi Sample
de Ava
nl Testi
tr symbol
de Kenji
cz Green_Clon

ET 6on6 SummerCup '14
Group C
Matchweek 2

Groups - #LIKEABOSS - Rules
20.07.14 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET 6on6 SummerCup '14 » Matchlink
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: Scarcee (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 7173
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 26


hf craze
hf wouter and blackwolf
no blindi no win
ritom8 if you read this please tell me if you are avi on that date :>
He's not :(
shouldn't he be back at home on saturday or sunday?
Im back sunday mate but idk at what time depending on the road ill see if i can make it !
edit: if we play monday im on for sure :p
alright! i offered them times on monday as well, apparently they can't play on monday or sunday would be better for them. on the other hand i don't think that symbol is avi on monday :|
ensample gg
You have € 414 on eu craze
Possible win: € 732.78
cant make it
symbol tr
rito ca
ensam and sample too stronk
morot sämpyille D
omg tempukka omg :)
can you guys play on monday at 21:00 CEST instead of sunday?
Sorry, we can't. Hope you can get 6
it all depends on rito (no pressure m8) :D if he can't make it on sunday we most likely will use our wildcard since we really need a "real" rifle :P
Always avi to own these nubs
same reaction here ;)
I recommended u for them but they didnt accept..dunno why :(
If im not there 30 mins before im most likely not gonna be there for the game
real ensam?
some big shoes to fill right there
wb ensam and sample, best of luck in your et adventures
everything in ur mouth ;)
wp sample
gg craze out of playoffs :PPpppppPpp

Poor testi :P

2014 -> cannot get even thru from groupstage :Pppp
Ei ne pärjää Suomipojille
Testi ikuinen paska
you will always be shit anyways
Not yet. If we gonna win against u & turbot, we're in the playoffs ;)
with testi in the lineup I dont see that happen :S The record is something like:

25 wins vs 0 wins

could be more i dont know. (if u could find me a 6v6 game where he has won me i would appreciate that)
yes, you are so good swani.
you are the true master.

maybe my voice will be just like yours 1 time.
Or my life just as good. I can date 14 year old etplayers from finland. Yasminn, plz add me xxx
she's 18 and she's beautiful :C
how would u know that!
I was actually refering to swani and woott. yasminn is 15 btw
I love yasminn
what happened between you two?
Ofc it won't be easy at all. But still we had defeated u once (Maybe u had a different lineup and "MAYBE" there were some lucky moments) so we will see :)
Could you play tomorrow?
Dont think so. Most of us are just available on thursday & sunday. Try to contact Ava to talk with him about that.
last time was easy http://www.gamestv.org/event/46573-craze-vs-turbot/
but this time no flying hovnos and with testi..
You have € 250 on fi turbot
You lost
swani cannot defeat me that's why :s
play wihout me :(
no jeewee no win, dissapointed :<
we lost our teamplay btw.

sad but true
actually our tp wasnt bad.
we never rly won radar and they were smart with the covie on missile.
just check the last 5 minute in missile.. we could build it but there was just 1 medic who revived all the time
Fuck me, if you never really won Radar even with Hovno Master in your team then you must be bad
Our teamplay was pretty bad. Especially on missile it was.
Testim8, you guys are hilarious :P
I dont know how you lost it but we didnt even have any :D We had 3 guys playing missile first time since 2008
Well, u can't denied that u got carried a bit by sample & his rifleskillz :)
Ofc, u weren't bad at all, but Sample did a really good job in that match. So u deserved the win 4 sure