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CyberGamer EU ET Season 2
6on6 Division 2
Group B

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27.10.14 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET Season 2: 6on6 » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: IGLA (Requestee)
Maps: Radar

Total Pot: € 5238
The bets have been cancelled.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: unknown


To every hodor player, please confirm that u can play this game at cf or at irc.

I can play if later , smtg around 21.30 but if you can arrange 6 without me better ,,
It could be 21.30, np for nterror, right?
no cant training in the evening bra. maybe sunday
i work 3/1 thursday is mine free day next one is monday... so maybe monday?
Is this sunday or?

Edit: nice brain xd
btw any of you guys avi to play our offi on sunday maybe? Also fanta played for xpro, didnt he? :P
stfu botter, fanta never was at CG in xPro or any other team than HODOR in CG2 so dunno what r u talkin about.
He played for xpro and you can check it from server logs since it was ettv server, or not? :S
dunno whats the policy is since im not in their cg team. imo they just used illegal players in order to have even 6 players. imo u should just get forfeit victory if u want. cant see what the problem is here.
He played for them and that makes him ilegible for any other team.
Players are not allowed to play for more than one team at the same time. If a player is in multiple teams, he is only eligible to play for one. To play for another team during the same season, the following requirements must be met:
The new team is not in a lower division than the previous team.
The player must spend 1 matchweek (from Monday to Monday) without playing for any team in the cup. For example, if the player played for Team A in the first matchweek, he will not be eligible to play for Team B until the third matchweek. A matchweek is a week in which matches are scheduled to be played according to the schedule. This includes the wildcard week which takes place directly after the official matchweeks. Any extra weeks off are not considered to be matchweeks.

np i'll wait for next week
So what about that he play in other team if hes not in thier line up at CG and he never was there, hes hodor member since cg1 and 2 starts, maybe you jsut troll him that its normal game i dont know, but fanta is hodor member and u can do nothing about it, so stfu and lets care about that admins not some czech nolifes kids.
yes he did, but igi is not able to understand this...
How can he play an offi with other team if hes not in their lineup at CG and he wasnt able to play? Ok, explain me please.
he shouldnt but he did, thats all
nothing to understand lol
Sure, nothing to understand, if referee dont respect rules? Why should we?

E: If you wouldn't be a cretine, you would understand that referees respect the rules, fanta tried to fuck the rules, simple as that.
How can he respect rules when at same time he playin with cheaters and allow to play people without anti cheat and even wihtout join team at CG to play offis?
Dont wanna talk with u anymore, its just sensless, if u still got any questions u can read rules at cg.com
AC is not mandatory atm, since it iis not working
visit CG site before playing and read some news/FAQ pls...
That won't help.
u mad ?
but he is right ;/
funny mybe ohurcool should do that aswell... #bitchingtoadminsonceagain
jak sie nie myle to profesor pro igi tez juz gral
Dont talk about rules if u dont respect them, atiotiude people like you kills that game, hf to play with cheaters in your new xD clan and fu.
Hodor will probably quit this whole circurs called CG2.
First of all, talk to szczurek or any other admin like you did in the admin comments above, and it will be the last thing you do on this website for a while.

The only person you should be upset with is fanta. It always baffles me when this sort of thing happens and people like you get mad at us as if it's our fault. fanta is the one who made the decision to not only play for another team after already having agreed to play for yours but also to try to deceive szczurek and I by using Vi3ri's nickname in-game - something which would typically result in our banning him from the cup, just so you know.

These others things you've mentioned (players not being added at CG, szczurek's teammates, "cheaters", etc.) have nothing to do with this. It's like a driver getting pulled over for speeding then complaining about another driver not wearing his seatbelt. Sure, any and all rule violations should receive our attention, but that doesn't mean your / your teammate's actions don't also have consequences.

If you want to drop out of the cup over this, fine, but threatening to "quit" won't change our decision. As explained in the rules quoted by fanta himself a few comments up, he will be free to play for HODOR once the fourth matchweek starts on Monday the 13th. This is a policy that has been in place for years and is common sense for most people.
Sure sure, but is it not also the policy that people before playin match should be 24h before in team? etc etc
I demand ban for trying to fuck us over by usin vi3ri's nickname and try to bypass the CG rules.

Not any worse than base trying to bypass AC.
I still don't understand why you flame szczurek or ohurcool when the one who fucked up (and who should be banned) is fanta.

Three weeks ban from NBS incoming.
I guess you didn't actually read my comment. And no, that was literally never a policy for cups, not even on ClanBase.
we had a warnings (yellows cards) for it at CB, but thats all ;)
The 24-hour rule was for ladders only though, not for cups, since there were APLs for cups. :P
oh damn, thats true
gj boss

I guess banning players better than yourself from NBS is your life long dream.
[17:19] <fanta_> cant, gf coming here tonight :/
<R0th> Setuper is on holidays he cant play tonight
<eujen> cant tonight

rest is offline
attitude.. your egoquit last game wasnt that cool neither ;<
It wasnt, maybe thats why i leave inna game cause people who ill mercin to say me thats just a showmatch not cg2 league, when i realize i leave
i jeszcze klamiesz -- dziwny z ciebie czlowiek
succes kARMA!
jest wojna!
jest ogien jest moc
" ah to ty kurwo jebana co nigdy nic w zyciu nie robilas tylko pacholkow bralas "
rozumiem ze to quote Paulo Coelho
toz to Waksza G kjerwa, za malo porownan i epitetow jak na tego mistrza grafomanstwa Paula
" i am not playing with randoms " :DDDDDD
IGI skrzydlo tupolewa !
Nazywał się Bobek. Był maniakiem koszenia trawy.
Goodluck to all people who play with igi! ^^
Well, 3 of them are as retarded as him, so nothing special going on there
Hv no idea how people with such prestige as Sir. Alex Bobika would want retards to represent His amazing buttonbashers wanabe team lol

rip hodor
Hodor never R.I.P
Will u get players to play it at monday?
igi need me ?:D sorry im on work :d :-))
[17:19] <fanta_> cant, gf coming here tonight :/
<R0th> Setuper is on holidays he cant play tonight
<eujen> cant tonight

rest is offline
Sorry dude, Iam pretty far away from home. :)
Good luck.
igi, im avi after 3 months break if u need me
Mongols when we play thus