Finland vs Sweden (7288 views)

fi Statti
fi Swanidius
fi vokki
se alexL
se jonas
se NuggaN
ET 3on3 World Championship 2015
Lower Bracket Final - Best Of 3

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this is still going on?
No it's finished. Totally forgot about it tbh because of arranging of the LAN.
good luck ^^
I look at team Finland lineup, looks most interesting.

Have fun you beasts of Sweden! Misses slajdan tho! Gl Finns!
gl Sweden xD
hurrei turpaa
gl Sweden, gl Nuggan
are u gonna paly sweden?
gl Sweden
thx fin :0
i was so shit. sponsored by anticheat
ggs wp, interesting game to say the least :D
good luck against the true vikings of the north
You have € 300 on se SWE
You lost

You have € 50 on fi FIN
You won € 104
You have € 166 on fi FIN
You won € 345.28
You have € 250 on fi FIN
You won € 520

Thanks Swani
replay of the stream up on youtube: