'xD Trickjump, vs SSTAT (4274 views)

gb razz
nl Sebhes
gb Shaman
fr Apricot
fi latee
pl tramp

SummerCup '15: 3on3
UB - Quarter Final

#ET:U - Brackets - Facebook
02.08.15 23:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET:U 3on3 SummerCup '15 » Matchlink
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: Sebhes (Highadmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 9407
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 4


nerds will be rolled
Dont worry we will take it easy on you xoxo
Nice of you to take it easy on gav last night you nerd
Good luck apri
gl apricot, tramp, sebhes

We are coming.
GL 'xD
trmp on fire
oh god you suck
what was that about no1 beating you 3 sebhes? xDDDDDDDD
We've got a good teamplay
You have € 30 on ee SSTAT
You won € 332.1
You have € 500 on eu 'xD
You lost
kut sebhes haha
[18:14] <razz{> xD are very good in 3on3
[18:14] <razz{> when i play with shaman and sebhes
[18:14] <razz{> i dont think ive lost
[01:01] <Sebhes> I am motivated as fuck
[01:01] <Sebhes> I want t owin
[01:01] <Sebhes> after that terrible loss
I apologize to everybody who betted their money on us
I went all in on you :(
Thank you SSTAT you made my day
i see you latee ;)
gg shaman LOL
You have € 200 on ee SSTAT
You won € 2214

winnermans tramp rollin as always
Tak głęboko wchodzisz w tyłek, że ludzie zaczynają się ksztusić