back 2 kill vs LIKE A HODOR (4777 views)

pl Abj
pl b3lka
pl BloOdje
ee hing
pl s1LENT
pl WuT
cz Bobika
pl h2o
cz Rifleman
gb razz
nl aphesia
cz jalo

'xD Trickjump, 10th Anniversary
LB - Round 3

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: 'xD Trickjump, 10th Anniversary Cup: 6on6 » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: Sebhes (Highadmin)
Maps: Frostbite
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Total Pot: € 13477
The bets are closed.

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Language: English / Polish

Viewer Peak: 37

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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 34

Overall Viewerpeak: 71


didnt agree for this time/day, couldnt even choose time/day at cg since i got info that b2k gotta do it first but non did, no idea if we can play that
can you translate it itno english or oven estonian since hing can uderstand
I will translate: he doesn't want to play because people that usually carry his ass are playing same hour for rushit
I speak polnglish perfectly.
I am going to bet on this match
we gonna play it on monday
<BloOdje> toc to szybkie 2 mapy beda nie boj sie
dobra juz sie nie bede znizal do twojego poziomu i logi zachowam dla wtajemniczonych
podziel sie ale caloscia, a nie wybieraj sobie pasujacych jak zapewne zrobiles wczesniej;)
igla is not player igla is trash
go abj
AbjFree ?
Vanhis you alive?
Abj reinstall drivers GPU..ohujcool waiting 4u :)
Welcome Back! GL^HF
LB - Round 3: Tuesday, 9th of February - Monday, 15th of February try to get merc/s then
You have € 250 on eu LAH
Possible win: € 6675

ok, challange accepted
abj myman
o kurwencka
omg jalo omg
Aspon si mutni zvuk Kubo, at se ti nesnizuje IQ :D
"Players are not allowed to play for more than one team at the same time. If a player is in multiple teams, he is only eligible to play for one."

Razz can't play in LAH, cause he is in rushit. GG
oh you maybe read rules again
21:15 hodor noshow
ez jalo
IGLA > belka

finally i can quit et
should have asked me mate :D
wouldnt change much :D
teraz rusza
too mad? You absolute cuntfuck are only getting carried by people that are in some other teams lmao
lol asslicking is hard in you :D as i see i got highest dmg and fragger, what did i do bad tonight pls explain professor of ET:(?
e: or maybe not
Didnt you say that damage / kills was irrelevant? You play for the team don't you? It is relevant now?

and btw, you dont have highest damage and fragger, 1 of the opponents team got your nick for some reason, retard.
oh you, so cute via TS when your ET crash and couldnt open it :( so friendly while spamming me to play with us, but so asshurts at gtv, what is that about Testi? Schizo ?
h2o will provide us the real stats, just ask him
Due to big interest in stats provided by me, i will not longer create real stats for free. If someone is interested in discussing real stats, /q me on irc for more informations, Thanks.
You have € 10 on eu LAH
You won € 63.5
ty jalo !!
Like children in kindergarten arguing about the toy, but you about skill, a priceless view 2k16 :D
hmmmm jednak zabrakło tu starego weterana b2k w1lko !! Witamy oficjalnie Abjecta !!! Szkoda tylko, że na moment bo jak znowu wjedziemy z pierdolnięciem to usuną go ze sceny hihihihi Welcome to ET !!!!
You have € 1500 on pl b2k
You lost

but igla is still worst on server xd go make harakiri coz my dick has better gamesense than u faggot xd
Wybaczcie, ale na chuj piszecie do siebie swoim łamanym angielskim? Po polsku nie będzie prościej? Któryś raz to zauważam.
po to, by zagraniczni użytkownicy również mogli załamać ręce czytając to gówno.