abstraction vs France JR (4158 views)

pl Kappla
pl nejm
us ipod
nl abbadabba
fr RapK
fr saNjih
fr kEEJI
fr uYop

ET 3on3 Masters 2016
Playoffs - Lower Bracket Round 3

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20.05.16 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET 3on3 Masters 2016 » Matchlink
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: nejm (Requestee)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 20369
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 14


friday/saturday 20 cet would be the best for us i think, leave ur feedback friends.
saturday: can't
friday: would say smth like 21cet is goot, depends on my teammates too
friday 21cet is nice for me we have to see with sanjih
Javais plus le net lol gl uyop et rapkiz
Je suis la pour la game
Allez les bleus !
gl nejm abaada nigga et poisson
Ciiiiimer seeerpent
You have € 302 on pl @@
Possible win: € 1337.86
Ez France
see you on hns ! :DDD
:DD U still playing mate?
ofc I am ahah, but if you mean on hns : no i'm not, all hns servers are down :( :D
easy for frenchies
W swoich nie wierzysz chuju :D
tacy oni jego jak robaciek mister polonia 2k16
gl uyop sanjih
I can't play tonight im sorry. Rapk will maybe get 3rd, byye
Afraid of ipod?
parents have 20th aniversary and uyop can't play in living room so sad
abaa never here as always
j'ai honte
time to quit this game :D
Happy birthday Rapk
will be drunk tomorrow to forget this dont worry :D
haha mate u say it like we are some ugly chick u banged
haha ipod lowest dmg = worst player
being the worst out of the best aint that bad
No uYop no win...
Are you suprised? I would have picked plAbstraction eSports Organization above ur fromlette du fromage-team any day. Here's only a few examples of plAbstraction eSports Organization beating some tier1 Enemy Territory teams with their old roster before that famous toilet-shuffle:


I can link u more if you're interested in Abstraction eSports Organization's history, later known as euTEAM WINNERMANS, which achieved some [1st] pocals, including a win against some plnonamers to become an official plTeam Poland players (3v3 format).
dont pretend u dont know polish connections are the worse ever and gives advantage
welcome in bobika's hit registering club
Please delete this racist comment
Please delete this racist comment
dont pretend u dont know polish connections are the worse ever and gives advantage
if you are going to ban me from crossfire and gamestv for calling all polish toilet cleaners (which they are) then he shouldnt be allowed to post racist generalizations about polish inet connection
I didn't ban you + ohurcool was quoting someone from one of those matches to make fun of them
still racist and should be deleted. Cant have double standards
americanos are rude
xD przygadales kurwiozabce