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CyberGamer EU ET Season 4
3on3 Division 1
Group B

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET Season 4: 3on3 » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: foreigner (Highadmin)
Maps: Frostbite
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Total Pot: € 6400
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By: bossik
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Language: Dutch

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Avi Andrzej!
juz wyslal powolanie krukiem do Ciebie
niech szybko leci winter is coming ;)
Podobno zestrzelili juz tego kruka rifla
wiadomosc podobno przechwycil stary rybak
Are you guys able to play like 2300? Or another day possibly?
Tomorrow is the deadline. So guess cu monday. 21:00 would be good.
sounds weird to me, according to admins the games are always forced to Sundays if the teams cant come into agreement when they play the game. I dont know if there are wildcards in cups nowadays tho.

Scheduling and Wildcards

All games must be scheduled in advance. On the Thursday of each matchweek, unscheduled matches will be forced to the end of the matchweek (Sunday or Monday). League games may be played at an earlier or later date if both teams agree, but all matches must be played by the deadline.

With this being said, they either wildcard or play monday. Didnt make the rules, just playing by them;[
Yea but it was forced for today by the admin decision (foreigner) either of those dates are possible and admin can force them. So I am pretty sure you have to use the wildcard instead of them if you can't play tonight.
froxe the voice of reason
I understand, but in that case I suppose they should have make it concrete in the rules no?:
"All games must be scheduled in advance. On the Thursday of each matchweek, unscheduled matches will be forced to the end of the matchweek (Sunday or Monday)"

In a rule stated at the top section of the rules about players playing for multiple teams there must be 1 matchweek in between, 1 matchweek according tot the rules is monday till monday:

The player must spend 1 matchweek (from Monday to Monday) without playing for any team in the cup.
The Monday is only there for the reason of delaying the match by agreement of both of the teams ( I think ) and as stated above the polish team won't be able to play any other date so as I said I am pretty sure you are the one who is forced to use the wildcard unless you can play it tonight.
viSual using wildcard!
Again, it was forced by the admin of this date & time, unless the polish team is willing to change the date/time the admin's decision will stand.

PS. I would have made a great admin!
They shall get owned at another date then!
It's pretty concrete already. We'll force it to when we think is best for both teams based on the attempts they've made to schedule the game, be it Sunday or Monday. In this case, your team made no attempt to schedule the match (even though you were the ones who were supposed to challenge) and your opponent made a request on the match page for it to be played today at 21 CET (which you also didn't respond to). Given that information, the match was forced to today at 21 CET. You have a few options:

1.) Play the match and make an attempt to schedule it in the future

2.) Contact your opponent and see if they'll be nice enough to agree to move the match to some day before December 5th

3.) Wildcard it and schedule the match with your opponent for some other day. If you can't come to an agreement before December 1st, we'll once again force it to the day we see as fairest given information about when each team wants to play it.
yes thanks, using wildcard \
Oh man I fucking missed the drama that comes with ET cups
:D :D
its fucking outlaw who rather stays with his gf than with us. what kind of human does that.
Thanks elvis!
4-0 visual