Hodor vs iOwnage (4193 views)

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET 6on6 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: mEnace (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 8488
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Go iOwn
not me XD
Avi iOwnnage :D
GL Hodor
Is this gonna happen igla? Tell me on time before i make time for this
need 2 more!
Stop pretending you have a mixtape to make ffs
play with us lover <33
I'd rather put my testicle into this

than to witness the pure stupidity again after yesterday
bobi, we need to train !!
You need to get buggs some exercise tools to train his brain a lil bit
czech talking about ppl having brains xD
since average IQ of czech people and US people is roughly the same, you are laughing at average IQ of your own countrymen aswell. and since your comment is pretty narrow-minded, I'd say you aren't exactly of those dragging average IQ up :)
Its what muricans do. Talking about IQ when few days ago they decided that hitler 2.0 would be the perfect president candidate
still dont know why people have so much love for illegal people in their countries.. even fucking animals use "borders" to protect their territory, they must be racist as well...
there are over a hundred policital, economical, ecological and human arguments that are opposed to the values for the time we live in. but lets not talk about this shit on a meaningless forum under a random game.
The things you mentioned got fuck all to do with Trump though
we are animals, we can't live with other humans in peace if they don't belong to our own group of people, sure there are exceptions but in general it doesn't work. but yea we have Mrs Hitler and thats is real and not this Trump guy..
If you think Igla is stupid, there is buggs, if you think buggs is stupid, there is always Tupac
2016 and you still cant find a consistent group of people willing to play with you lol
"hitler 2.0" :D

I'm far from a Trump supporter, but you're just spewing out bullshit that twelve year olds say because they don't understand a bit of american politics or history
Trumps a narcisstic and a life long leftist. His policies will be more central-left than hard right. Although I do hope he tries to vet these refugees as they come into our country. I have no problem with them coming here provided they can fully pass a background check and are willing to at least make an effort to work and assimilate to our lifestyle (if they wish to stay in America) rather than the European model of sucking up the welfare state of benefits while trying to create their own jihadist policies while the leftist politicians pander to their every whim
the vast majority of people in the area of the country I live in voted Hillary. I voted Libertarian. Trump was successfully in rallying the net losers of globalization to his cause while younger voters and others felt hillary had in the bag (thank god for lying MSM) and didnt vote. Hopefully in 4 years we can get some real candidates that are stand up humans to run. In the mean time Donald Trump will have my full support
are czechs even a people xD
My mixtape is gonna be fucking lit fam
mam nadzieje ze wypiora was w perwolu