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The ETernity Cup: 3on3 - Groupstage
Group C
Matchweek 1

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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: The ETernity Cup: 3on3 » Matchlink
Manager: kAPOTNL (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 7589
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Are the match dates forced, or till what date we have time to play? Im off to skiing for a week tomorrow so atleast i cant play this sunday.
Teams are free to play their games at an earlier or later date if both teams agree, but all league matches must be played by Monday the 25th of February - no exceptions, unless explicit permission is given!
Gl Hf Boys!
aieeeee lets play on sunday?
I wont be able to play, atleast for quite some time so I think viSual wins by forfeit. Unless someone is available to replace me
Will try to get a 3rd
hope you find one :)
not looking good :( would have been our 100th anniversary gtv match such a shame
Any news?
couldnt find anyone for tonight, wanna try later on or just take the forfeit win?
It's fine. When can you guys play?
Well seems like Webe is even worse skier than he is at ET. He fell and broke his whole right hand so he will be out of the picture for half a year.

Can try to come up with someone but been away for 3 years so no idea how long it will take.
Good Lan dodge explanation 5/5
LOL! It's fine, take your time! Just pm me whenever you want to play.
avi if you need 3rd.
Wrist*, not whole arm luckily. 6 viikkoa saikkua, tässähän vois tehä vaikka mitä.
daym kuudeks viikoks aasian suuntaan pötkötteleen rannalle
Ei oo kyllä tilillä oikeen pitoa tollaseen reissuun, ens talvena lähössä viideks viikoks jenkkeihin ni sinne palaa kaikki säästöt :p