Elysium vs to Make odds even (3316 views)

nl GiZmOoO
nl hayaa
nl iNsAne
be Jere
nl Sebhes
nl outlAw
pl Abject
pl dialer
fi toNy
nl Joshua
mt toxic
de s1LENT

Battle for honor
Grand finals



wp jere
time traveler?
well that's my cover blown
wp jere
thx garin & swani <3
You have € faith in Jere
You won € 1384.57
You have € 10000 on pl tMoe
You lost

fucking noobs fdp
You have € 150 on eu Elysium
You won € 676.5

Simple math bro:
hayaa > dialer
outlaw > abject
gizmo > toxic
Jere > Tony
sebhes > joshua
insane > silent

You have € 444 on eu Elysium
You won € 2002.44
hurt my feelings :(
get rekt <3
Imagine comparing you to me. We're not even the same :(
Imagine me continuing to prone at west when I knew you saw me :D
Haha. It made no sense
You have € 2500 on eu Elysium
You won € 11275

crazy good game and awesome cup!
I'll keep my "this-is-a-reaction-stream-not-a-shoutcast"-replay online in case anybody wants to rewatch it ;D
What a game, amazing!
You have € 250 on eu Elysium
You won € 1127.5