Canada vs Brazil (1841 views)

ca anim
ca bebit
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ca dynasty
ca punkk
ca TunnEl
br b1el
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NationsCup 2020
Group D
Round 2

Discord Standings News

1st map (sw_goldrush_te) will be played on a US server
2nd map (frostbite) will be played on a BR server


gl anim
I will try and cast this if I can get out of bed in time! (will be 5am here) xD
Trudeau's got this!
You have € 50 on br BRA
Possible win: € 136.5

Vamo aí galera!
sabian too much silentmod :s
yoooooo, i thought u were dead
Max my friend!! i was but im back now to terrorize casek in comments
auhauauhauhauahuahuahauhauauhauha nice to see u dude
:D:D nice to see u too friend <3 GL this nationscup and with reallife :')