Netherlands vs United Kingdom (2242 views)

nl Enigma
nl Bully
nl Eddo
nl Leonneke
nl abort
nl Mirage
gb Crumbs
gb Dusty
gb Ditto
gb Dictator
gb Nova
gb Druwin
RTCW - Corona NationsCup III - 6v6
Grand Finals
NL needs to win twice
Brackets (click me!)


GL crumbs and enigma!
gl both
izi razz bro
The time for the NL has come. Not only in ET, but now also in RTCW we will make our nation proud
NL were always stronk on both versions of the game
You have € 2997 on gb UK Cancel bet
Possible win: € 3926.07

razz gonna throw but whatever
All in on old man razz & the power of ditto and crumbs

You have € 1000 on gb UK Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1180
gl crumbs
No sebhes no win