Gather Team A vs Gather Team B (937 views)

Team Abject pl
Team s1LENT de
pl Abject
nl Cupra
us ipod
tr canhanc
fi Webe
de s1LENT
fi toNyyyy
fi mayan
ca anim
be Jere
pl JasonHayes
05.04.21 22:55 CEST
Awards awarded to for
Lady Macbeth ayylmao 63 kills
Killing Spree ayylmao 6 frags without being killed
Accountant BOBiKA 133% kills/killed ratio
He's dead, Jim! ayylmao 17 gibs
...and stay dead! TURBOT toNyyyy 45% gibs/kill
Lead Poisoning ayylmao 52 SMG kills
Spammity spam spam! BOBiKA 29 SPAM kills
Fragstealer BOBiKA 135 damage per frag
Die! Damn you, Die! mayanismongol 351 damage per frag
What objective? Bonjwa 296 XP
Red Shirt elysium ~ Jere 52 deaths
Are these pliers sharp? Jason Hayes 9 deaths without fragging
Med Pack Whore follow - BRND<-- 164 damage per death
Eyes Wide Shut elysium ~ Jere 3 team kills
Gingerbread man BOBiKA 16 /kills
Player Summary for the entire Match
[-] (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
5G ipod +T66175274180111512555362040/00/418/1810/819013535
TURBOT toNyyyy72206314314029508555082841/03/619/179/1116412836
follow - BRND<--86213374310027500474481340/01/436/212/1113517337
Jason Hayes422082149210956327147760/01/418/222/1226814329
elysium ~ Jere57118305211139496254171280/08/60/2725/716510245
Player Summary for frostbite
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
5G ipod +T66204610024415471400/00/00/24/2D/KKDXDKDK/
TURBOT toNyyyy100566640118306231821/00/14/22/2KTDKDDK/KKDDK
follow - BRND<--133438600041017770180/00/06/12/1/KDKK/KKK/K/DK
Jason Hayes604635100011701010180/00/03/40/2XKDKKDDDD
elysium ~ Jere662069100294880900/00/00/46/3KDK/KDKDDKK/DDD

[-] 2nd Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
5G ipod +T712057100392879900/00/15/30/0/K/KDKK/DKDD
TURBOT toNyyyy331726200064299100/00/42/00/2DDDKDKDD
follow - BRND<--37293810007211498400/00/13/50/2DKDDDDDKDKD
Jason Hayes18252110101476103900/00/31/41/2DK/KDDDDDDSDD
elysium ~ Jere42837000036186000/00/10/43/1KDKDDDDKDD
Player Summary for supply
[-] 1st Round (click columns to sort, the [+] to expand)
5G ipod +T641351828601637564190640/00/313/136/6KKDK/DKK/KKDK/DDDDTDK/KDKDKDK/DD/KDDKDDDDDKKKDD
Jason Hayes481371633100839865098580/01/114/141/8DKKDKDDDKK/KD/DKKDKD/DK/K//DDDK/DKK/KDDDDDDDKDDDD
elysium ~ Jere5890213610137365337481280/08/50/1916/3KDDKDDKDDD/DKDDKKKDKXKSKKD/D/KDKD/DDTKD//DDD/DTDKDKKDKKKKDDDT

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Player Chats
5G ipod +T [Warmup]: PRESS F3 UNLESS YOU'RE SCARED !!!!!!!!!!!!!
5G ipod +T [Warmup]: PRESS F3 UNLESS YOU'RE SCARED !!!!!!!!!!!!!
5G ipod +T [Warmup]: PRESS F3 UNLESS YOU'RE SCARED !!!!!!!!!!!!!
5G ipod +T [Warmup]: PRESS F3 UNLESS YOU'RE SCARED !!!!!!!!!!!!!
5G ipod +T [Warmup]: PRESS F3 UNLESS YOU'RE SCARED !!!!!!!!!!!!!
webe [Warmup]: 1sec
.!.(O_o).!. [Warmup]: gl can
.!.(O_o).!. [Warmup]: :)
.!.(O_o).!. [Warmup]: :D
canhanc [Warmup]: u2
mayanismongol [Warmup]: XD
canhanc [Warmup]: i have him muted
canhanc [Warmup]: its fine
.!.(O_o).!. [Warmup]: :D
.!.(O_o).!. [Warmup]: :D
mayanismongol [Warmup]: not the first
mayanismongol [Warmup]: not the last
webe [Warmup]: <Varma> nukkumaan meno aika
TURBOT toNyyyy [Warmup]: a game where me & cupra smgs
TURBOT toNyyyy [Warmup]: nice
follow - BRND<-- [Warmup]: gl flowercanhanc
canhanc [Warmup]: i wonder why :O)
canhanc [Warmup]: gl flowerbrandon
mayanismongol [Warmup]: :o)
mayanismongol [Warmup]: gl elsa hosk
.!.(O_o).!. [9:43]: :(
[8:45]: The Main Door has been breached!
[8:06]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
[7:26]: The Service Door has been breached!
mayanismongol [6:49]: wow
.!.(O_o).!. [6:23]: lol
[6:12]: The Allies have transmitted the Supply Documents!
[Intermission]: >>> Clock set to: 3:47
.!.(O_o).!. [Intermission]: co to bylo
.!.(O_o).!. [Intermission]: 0 hit
.!.(O_o).!. [Intermission]: xD
ayylmao [Intermission]: XD
ayylmao [Intermission]: BLUE srv
BOBiKA [Warmup]: I wish you a pleasant game.
.!.(O_o).!. [Warmup]: pieknie
[2:33]: The Main Door has been breached!
5G ipod +T [2:14]: ?
mayanismongol [2:11]: :)
elysium ~ Jere [2:05]: XD
[0:58]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
5G ipod +T [0:20]: xd
.!.(O_o).!. [0:16]: :D
.!.(O_o).!. [0:16]: :D
.!.(O_o).!. [0:14]: xDD
mayanismongol [0:11]: jere trolling
elysium ~ Jere [0:08]: :D
mayanismongol [0:08]: removed from ranked :/
elysium ~ Jere [0:06]: kick me!
Bonjwa [0:03]: NO
webe [0:00]: stat padding cupra
Bonjwa [Intermission]: just great play by me
[Intermission]: >>> Objective NOT reached in time (3:47)
elysium ~ Jere [Intermission]: ye it was
elysium ~ Jere [Intermission]: didnt see that strike coming
ayylmao [Intermission]: swap radar to supply?
TURBOT toNyyyy [Warmup]: xd
BOBiKA [Warmup]: I wish you a pleasant game.
follow - BRND<-- [Warmup]: well instead of getting backraged by abject for 12 min ill get naded by bobikda for 15
BOBiKA [Countdown]: that's what i call the american dream
[14:24]: Axis Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
BOBiKA [14:24]: binds h timerset 20
[9:15]: The Allies have captured the forward bunker!
[8:53]: The Allies have breached the Forward Bunker Gate!
[8:34]: The Allies have opened up the Forward spawn rear exit!
mayanismongol [7:55]: sry too fast
mayanismongol [7:54]: :/
5G ipod +T [7:48]: :D
5G ipod +T [7:47]: haha
5G ipod +T [7:45]: wp
[6:53]: The Allies have breached the Depot's west wall!
ayylmao [6:36]: XD
[6:14]: Allied team has destroyed the Axis Command Post!
[6:11]: Allied Command Post constructed. Charge speed increased!
Bonjwa [5:52]: cunt
[5:46]: The Depot Fence has been constructed.
[5:24]: The Allies have breached the Depot's east wall!
[5:22]: The Allies have breached the Depot Gate!
.!.(O_o).!. [5:06]: :D
.!.(O_o).!. [5:06]: :D
.!.(O_o).!. [5:06]: :D
.!.(O_o).!. [5:06]: :D
elysium ~ Jere [3:34]: xd
[3:25]: The Allied Truck is in position!
5G ipod +T [2:50]: xd
5G ipod +T [2:50]: dxt
5G ipod +T [2:50]: d
follow - BRND<-- [2:41]: outplayed ipod
follow - BRND<-- [2:40]: :D
5G ipod +T [2:39]: XD
5G ipod +T [2:37]: i thought u fell nisdie
[2:11]: The Crane Controls have been constructed.
[2:10]: The Allies have activated the crane!
mayanismongol [1:57]: XD
5G ipod +T [1:57]: L;MFAO
[1:57]: The Allies have loaded the Gold Crate onto the Truck!
mayanismongol [1:54]: I HOPE YOU LIVE
elysium ~ Jere [0:34]: xd
mayanismongol [0:19]: WOW what a game!
mayanismongol [0:10]: yes
[Intermission]: >>> Clock set to: 15:00
TURBOT toNyyyy [Intermission]: ggs

These stats are experimental and while we usually get very accurate numbers we can't guarantee they are 100% spot on. You can however view the endroundstats: Those are the endroundstats 1:1 how they were spammed on the server console, they are guaranteed to be correct (unless they're off, which sometimes happens too :p).
Some examples that will definitely break stats:

  • Server crash / restart
  • Players reconnecting with new ids
  • Too many random renames between rounds

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Thanks to Hannes who made the software that extracts all the stats from tv demos available to us.