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fi vatufromfinland
Introduce on 24.11.09 17:22
Here you can introduce yourself
RealName:Not Needed
I Speak :
Some Thing About Me :


InGameName: vAtu
RealName: Valtteri . S
Age : 14
Team?:Im Cless I need One Contact Me At : kaffeboy /xfire/
Game?:Wolfenstein EnemyTerritory 3.2.6 6b
O/S?:Linux (Kubuntu)
I speak : English & Fin
Some Thing About Me : Ooh , im boy :XD


My favourite music is house music :)
nl saKen
you's boy???
nl h3ll
well hi2u, hf here :P

but well to introduce myself, have been running around here long enough so most people know the stuff you mentioned already about me :P

lets hijack this topic and tell something about the guy who posted above you instead :O

saken is a really a nice guy, but he can whine a bit ingame :D

(then you will also get to know something about us :P)
nl andyF1
h3ll is a girl in denial !

hi2u vatu, most ppl know I'm the oldest part time gtv admin since ever.
de skooli
andyF1 just STOPPED his blog :(
nl andyF1
Quote by skooliandyF1 just STOPPED his blog :(

don't ask! was too busy / lazy / ill the last races but will be back next year or sooner!
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