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fi 666AL
Looking for RedStar 2.55 guys to connect with<234 on 04.08.16 23:12
Hey, I used to be a very mediocre player that played under the name MuTi in *rS maybe a decade ago, and was wondering if any one of you are still active. I know this is a long shot, but I figured it'd be cool to catch up with some of you guys.
Send me a PM.
nl Sebhes
Hi Muti!

If I recall correctly you played with them on the old patch 2.55, right? I am in contact with some of them like Jewe, Demzor, TanQ and Lithium. I am sure I can get them in touch with you if you want.
Feel free to send me a PM!

Kind regards,
'xD Sebhes,
2.55 veteran
nl Sebhes
Read your pm MuTi x
fi 666AL
Yeah thank you so much for getting me in contact with tanq. This can be closed or left as is, your call.
nl ch3mz
dem times
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