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pl eyplayahnl
ETTV AUTO on 11.03.11 15:04
When i add a ETTV serwer(broadcaster) to match and when i play match;

Does the broadcaster will enter the same server?
us Cory
If there are enough ETTV slots on the server, a GTVd hub will always be added to record/broadcast.
de w0nd3r
This is for you:
us Cory
Quote by w0nd3rThis is for you:

Honestly, the FAQ doesn't really explain the question.

I read the FAQ a few times and had the same question. I ended up submitting a support ticket and talking to an admin on IRC to clear it up for me.
pl eyplayahnl
YBefore I wrote on the forum ... I read the FaQ
pl manlux
You cant even understable explain what about you are talking about. You've wrote to me in PL language but i couldnt understand you ;P
nl h3ll
12.03.11 12:57, Last edited: 12.03.11 13:03
Well, I kinda understand what he means tho.

Mhm edit: He wants to broadcast his own matches, if you request an 'official' match on GTV, and you add your own ettv's there, then make sure that you have enough ETTV slots on your matchserver so that a GTVd hub will be able to connect, or connect your own ettv's to the gtvd hub!

If you dont understand what I mean, we can close this thread because then you also wont understand at all how our system works, and I cba to teach all this gtv/ettv stuff to someone who doesn't even know how to explain himself in his own language, let alone in english..
pl maYhner
He's idiot from pl sorry skilled polaks its true
us andyF1
Quote by maYhnerHe's idiot from pl sorry skilled polaks its true

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And what qualifies a user that joined yesterday to make that statement!?
ee JannuBl22t
I'm planning to offer tv services too, anybody knows how?
de w0nd3r
nl h3ll
& - read the GTVd ones
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