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de ng
Quote by h3ll
Quote by Micha!@ skooli I got ettv_mtu 16000
Ps: How is the command of et for dyndns server ips for example

just use connect for that. We use /connect; password bla etc :P

he wants to have a static host to bind his dynamic ip to... ;-)
de Micha!
04.07.08 20:06, Last edited: 04.07.08 20:17
I mean Server side. How is the command, that people can connect via dyndns and not via ip. "set net_adress" don't work xD

(PS:I allready got "" but don't know server command for it :P)
gb BattleRat
Quote by blAckmAmbAuse vmware or something on the windows machine and install linux there

use OpenSuSE on the windows machine , everything will work
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